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Horray, Horray, We Are On Our Way, To A 5th Dimensional Reality

There is so much happening that it mat be difficult to recognize specifics. We are changing.the earth is changing, the world is changing. The way we think is being altered into a 5th dimension perspective from a 3 D limited, doubting, fearful perspective into a trusting, loving, self accepting approach. The Law of Allowing is becoming an important necessity. We need to welcome and allow these changes to our bodies, support the changes to our world by adding our energy to them and being grateful for the changes that will support the creation of the kind of world we wish to manifest. We are one our way to creating the kind of world we’ve always dreamed about. Be alert and transform your old 3 D thought forms into an increased ‘Self Love and appreciation, for your dedication to your increased Spiritual Awareness and Response-Ability. Here is a part of an interesting channelling about some of the changes we going through:
Sacred Union : Activating your New Earth Fifth-Dimensional Body Template
Beloved Ones, in this process of aligning Heavenly or Galactic energies to birth a New Earth, a similar process is also happening with your Multi-Dimensional Body System.
Your Divine Heart and your Earth Heart are aligning to create a Vesica Pisces or Star Gate at your own Sacred Heart Center. And, in this moment, the Light Codes are generating a New Template for your 5D Physical Body.
We would like to explain this to you. Imagine that your Multi-Dimensional Energy Body is made up of two energy spheres, or Energy Hearts, which we will call a Heavenly Sphere and an Earthly Sphere, or Heaven and Earth. At the center, where these two Spheres connect, is your own beautiful Sacred Heart.
Now, when these two spheres are strongly activated by Galactic Light Codes and Frequency transmissions, your Sacred Heart begins to issue forth new instructions for your life on Earth and for your physical body.
At this time, the Diamond Light Codes are issuing new instructions from the Divine Heart for the Activation of a new Fifth-Dimensional Physical Body Template. This physical body is “lighter” and less dense than the 3D Body, and so you may feel some symptoms of this activation and transformation.
Firstly, there may be symptoms of stress, especially in the Heart area. Your Heart Center is taking on immensely powerful energies, as it aligns with Divine Light, and you may find yourself experiencing palpitations or shortness of breath, or mild stress in the chest area. You may also experience insomnia and disturbed sleep, as well as unusual dreams, as your own deep inner processes align with those of the Planetary Consciousness in Transformation.
At the 11/11/8, this New Earth 5D Body Template will be fully activated in your cellular matrix. Beloved Ones, we feel it would be a good idea for you, at this time, to work with the aligning of the Three Sacred Hearts in your Multi-Dimensional System. This wIll facilitate the flow of energy between them, the Divine Heart or Cosmic Heart, your own Sacred Heart, and the Sacred Heart of the Earth. Simply visualize these three hearts in perfect alignment and the Diamond Light Energy flowing between them and into the Earth Heart, so that there is no disharmony or blockages to the flow. In this way, you will be fulfilling your purpose on the Earth, by simply allowing and accepting the flow of Divine Energy that is supporting and assisting your transformation.

An Opportunity For All Of Us To Ascend Our Conscious Awareness

This needs to be shared with as many people as we can.

The 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
November 11, 2015
Dear Ones,

On November 11, the exalted moment of 11:11 for this year, the Archangels hold the Celestial Gateway open so you can access your Golden Template of Light — the 5th dimensional template for your new crystalline light body holding the frequencies for full divinity within your human form.

As you step through the Gateway, you are fully supported by the Angelic Dimensions to anchor this divine template of Light into your human form. It has been divinely decreed that on this day of 11-11, your new Golden Template is activated for you to fully download into your life.

When you have the preparation established within you, it is exhilarating to step through the portal provided by the Archangels during this 11:11 opening. The Gateways of Power are clear entries established on inter-dimensional levels, to create alignment within your energy systems. You are being offered an empowerment so you can feel the operation of higher frequencies in a condensed moment of time.

Once you sense the alignment within yourself, you are forever changed. You can claim this empowerment, access these exalted states that exist beyond the Gateway and use them to bless your own life and all of humanity.
The Gateway of the Archangels

On November 11, your Golden Crystalline Template is activated to be grounded into the new frequencies of your human body through access to the pathways opened by the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Sandalphon stand present as they hold Divine Light in massive pillars at the gateway that opens for you during this sacred moment in time.

Archangel Sandalphon holds frequencies of Earth’s crystalline grid so you can anchor and become familiar with the new 5D energy systems.

Archangel Gabriel holds the power for Balance of the sacred masculine and feminine to awaken on the Earth, which allows Unity consciousness within each man, woman and child.

Archangel Michael offers you the courage to step into your highest potential as a blended divine human in 5D consciousness.

Archangel Raphael offers immersion into the Light of Divine Love that permeates every cell and brings into you the highest frequency your human form can integrate in this sacred moment of 11:11.
How to Step through the Gateway

Bring the Soul’s vision from your Higher Self for the new life you desire to awaken into your conscious awareness, honor it and hold it in your heart. Invite the Archangels for assistance to anchor the higher 5D frequencies very gracefully into your human form. Ask to be in Harmony with the new crystalline Golden Template as decreed by your Soul’s original blueprint to bring divinity into your human form.

Take sacred time during the 24 hours of November 11, most especially at the moments a digital clock displays 11:11, to anchor these intentions and visualize the Gateway of Power. The Archangels standing guard over the gateway are holding this expansive Portal of Golden Light open for you. See them standing there; massive wings of Light expanded in dedication to your own evolution and that of the Earth. These great Archangels are bringing to you a blessing from God.

When you walk through this gateway, holding the vision for new life of Peace and Harmony on the Earth, you align with the forces of all Creation, and a high level of Unity fills your world. That which does not align with these new frequencies of energy drops away. The old frequencies and energy systems cannot exist simultaneously, when your Soul becomes aligned with its purpose in an empowered, integrated way.

In the holy instant of profound opening, the Gateway of the Archangels awakens your divinity into alignment with your physical form, as you step into the 5D Golden Template for new life on Earth. Know that as you claim this for yourself, these frequencies bless all of humanity in this moment of awakening.
The Intention of the 11:11 Empowerment

The greater intention for this 11:11 empowerment has always been to ground Divine Energy into the depths of the Earth so that planetary evolution will prevail.

As millions of awakened people access the Divine Light through the Gateways, Unity consciousness is the resulting force pervading the hearts of all humanity. Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility during the fifth dimensional shift occurring on this planet.

The flow of Divine Love through each person creates an expansion in perception when the veils have parted, so that new clarity dawns. This increase in clarity incites a sense of liberation and the freedom of spiritual expression within your being. Prayers for planetary well-being so the Earth and all humanity can also receive from this moment in time will be of great benefit.

Asking for miracles is very appropriate when you are in the celestial gateway between Heaven and Earth.

The release of pressure from the 11:11 Gateway is similar to the beginnings of a horse race when the horses are being held within the gate. As the gates are flung open, raw power surges forward and instincts take over. The rawness of this power requires careful training and guidance, so that it moves in directions that allow specific goals to be reached and the reaping of rewards. Your prayers and intentions are the key to this process.

As you walk through the gateway, symbolically or literally, you will leave behind outmoded forms and patterns of existence that do not fit your new Golden Template of Light or the energy stream of Unity Consciousness occurring on the planet at this sacred time.

Create the model of your new life through your intentional setting forth of exalted ideas, even if their form is still unclear. Lift your vibration through prayer, inviting the guiding wisdom of your Soul and the Archangels to lead you. Embrace the new level of your inner being merging with your most Divine Self, and invite Archangel Sandalphon to help you anchor it on the Earth.

Although the path on the other side of the 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels may not unfold for you all at once, you can be shown a glimpse of a new vision to give your heart a burst of hope. Do know that as you walk through this portal, you are aligning with the Beings of Light who guide you, and you are never alone. Your demonstration of this intention to live in harmony with your new Golden Template of Light, allows you to receive greater guidance and sets the patterns of Unity and Harmony within your being. This empowers you to experience greater Faith as you take the next steps and the next on your path into an unknown future. Know that you have aligned with your Soul’s Purpose and are being guided every step of the way. Gateways of Power are moments of clear invitation when Divine energies are aligned to support you.
Union with the Self

During this day of 11-11, join with others for a profound Gateway initiation with the Archangels. You will be connected with the Source of All That Is Divine as you step into your Golden Template for the blending of your most Divine Self with your most human. Give thanks for the Grace that descends during this precious period of time. Receive it deeply within your being, and acknowledge the Archangels who hold the Earth in Sacred Unity.

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to this union within the self so you become a Bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness.

Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your frequency of energy and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point — the key that fits the doorway to Unity within you and within all beings on the planet.
Archangels of Light and the Divine Presence of All That Is:

As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 Gateway of Power, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear any disharmony within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burdens of old beliefs so I may stand tall and move freely through the gateways to Unity Consciousness.

I joyfully invite the Golden Template that holds my 5D Crystalline Body to integrate my human form as is in my highest good at this sacred time.

Within the spaciousness of my cleared energy field, I ask that it be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. I ask to receive and radiate the strength and courage to embody this Divine Light and ground the presence of Love, Peace and Wellbeing into the Earth to assist its evolution.

I join with the Angelic Dimensions and the millions of those who work in the Light of God, as we are led through the 11:11 Gateway. I know that as one is lifted up, all are uplifted. I allow new patterns of exalted Light energy to engage my human structure in the integration of Oneness ~ Union within my being with the Divine. I dance through the Light-filled gateways feeling your guidance and knowing that loving awareness of new possibilities in my life is being provided in every moment, with every heartbeat.

I awaken in your Light and embrace the Divine gifts being offered to me now with supreme Gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I gratefully receive this. I am honored to anchor this Light on the planet to bless all of Nature. As I bring loving awareness and respect for the Earth into my consciousness, all of humanity awakens into this requirement for new life.

Hold me with Love and guide me as I step through this gateway into the Golden Template for my crystalline body. With every step, may I use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being so I may be a blessing for the Earth.

For this and all the blessings I am receiving, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
November 11, 2015

The Game Of Life, Is A Spiritual Challenge

To a lot of us the idea that our life is a game is hard to even consider. Our childhood was an on going confusion, our teens were full of growing pains,young adulthood was a struggle with all of our doubts and fears and then adulthood means to a lot of us, never irresponsibility. Does that sound like a game?. Well it is, when or if you look at your life as a chosen spiritual challenge, that you wanted to experience, to see how you would choose to deal with it. We knew that with Free Will, we couldn’t do wrong and with endless possibilities available at all times, we also knew that we could develop Self Realization turn our life into a journey of Conscious Awareness any time we decided ri do so, The Game of Life was an irresistible challenge, that we chose to play. Then to make it an interesting challenge, we chose to forget that we planed the whole thing and had unlimited power and ability available at all times, in case we wished to re-member it and use it with trust and faith. That’s The Game of Life. from the Spiritual point of view, we all came here to be winners and if you don’t find the Win, you’ll have to ro it over again. If you do find the Win, you;ll want to mdo it over again, It’s the best game in the Universe at present time.

Transforming 3 D Into 5 D, As A Spiritual Challenge

When we view our old 3 D thinking with 5 D awareness, it is simple to see how we have been living in self created limitation. In the 5 D approach, there is nothing wrong with any of us, existence, God, doesn’t make wrong, doesn’t make anything that doesn’t have value, that doesn’t have the power to create the abundance of life that they want and desire. All doubts, fears, limitations are 3 D expressions. We are all perfectly imperfect. in the way that we wanted to be, as a part of our individual Spiritual Challenge. In truth, we love a Spiritual Challenge. We never choose a challenge that we didn’t want and we never choose a challenge that we can’t transform into the light of conscious awareness of its value. That’s The Game of Life, to recognize the value of life and it starts in the mirror. Most if us spend life times trying to change ourselves, instead of understanding what the value is, of being this unique person we chose to be. When we re-member what we really are, lust as we are, we become a member again of the Light of the Conscious Awareness, of our being a part of Existence on a chosen pilgrimage of transformation into the 5th Dimension. How are you doing?

Expansion of Our Conscious Awareness is a Spiritual Gift For All

We are making so many changes in our comprehension of our self and our world, that the urge to ‘Let Go and Let Come’ is an intelligent thing to do, don’t question or doubt it, just do it and enjoy the changes. Quantum Physics is more and more Spiritually influenced, science is finally making the reality that the two can’t be separate entities they are just parts of the same energy that were considered to be separate and now are becoming a unity of the oneness of creation. Oneness is becoming more consciously aware of its self. That’s what 5 D reality is offering, a oneness of all, in the expression of true Love. As we chose to accept ourselves, just as we are, understand why we created our self, the way we did, we will love ourselves more and more. Self Love is the answer and solution to everything, Unification of self, self realization, is everyone’s purpose and reward, for choosing to Play The Game of Life and learning how to play it with inner awareness, instead of confusion. I AM, I Can, and i Will, re-member Who and What I AM and Love myself, with Trust and Faith. Good for me!
Here is a bit from the Ascended Masters for inspiration:
from Suzanne Lie
We are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.
Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

First You Get It, Then You Share It.

Now that our energy is increasing as steadily and as strong as it is, we need to spend more conscious time sharing what we are receiving with others, with the outside world. Spend a few minutes or more sitting quietly, with your eyes closed, paying attention to your breath, first filling your stomach, then bring it up to your chest and up to your head. Repeat this several times, then with your breath, bring your energy up from the earth, through you body to the top of your head and back down to your heart, activating your Chi, your essential energy flow. Repeat this several times. Now from your heart send this consciously activated Chi energy to and through the God center, of as many people as you;d like, to and through their solar plexus, contacting their consciousness at the lowest possible level and elevating their consciousness to the harmony of perfection, and then out into the world. Do this for a few minutes or more depending on your decided commitment of time. This is a wonderful practice to do meditatively and regularly for you, for others and for the world. After doing this, spend a few minutes or more silently feeling. The more you choose to do this, the more you’ll feel god about it, you are doing what you came to earth to do, sharing your light.

Choosing To Take Advantage, Of Our True Self

Most of us are dong far better than we think we are. our old 3 D habits of questioning, doubting, judging are still hanging around, doing their best to still be of assistance to us, just as they always believed they were doing. These old survival and compare habits are very clingy and take determination to get rid of. I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good, is our best friend, the more we use it the stronger and wiser we get. Our best is being realized, more and more each day, we are a power house being realized more and more. We have unlimited ability and creativity th manifest anything we desire when we believe we can. I AM, I CAN, and therefore, I WILL, is the attitude and belief for all of us, to accept and use on our way to a 5 D life. Here is some inspiration from a Hilarion channelling by Marlene Swetlishof:

Your determination to hold joy, harmony and goodwill helps more than you can ever know. There are those who would have you believe that there is no hope for the people of the world and that is just not so! Stand strong and stand tall, radiate the luminous light of the divine from within you, counteract the bombardment of that which is not of the highest and balance it with your light and your love. Work your magic from now until the end of this year to ground even more of the higher cosmic light!

Know that we from the higher realms are closer to you now than ever before! Our connections with you are becoming stronger and more available. Look for the evidence of this through the synchronicities and signs that you are being given of our presence. Your thoughts manifest into the physical much more quickly than ever before and it behooves each of you to marshal and discipline your thought processes into the streams that you really desire. Find at least 10 things each day that you are grateful for and record these in a journal. Make a plan for the remainder of this year and work this plan each day. Believe that what you think you can do can actually be made manifest. Take action towards your goals each day and watch your desires and intentions unfold with grace, power and magic.

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