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It’s Here, All Over The Place, Lets Choose To Allow It, To Be A Part Of Us

I am always talking about the 3 basic energy Laws that we are functioning with now the fourth Law is important to focus on. This Law has always been important to be aware of but now it’s of important to use with focused intention. It is The Law of Allowing. We are being bombarded with positive inspirations, that keep being increased daily, they are here for our benefit, the question is. are we accepting them and incorporating them into our lives? Or are we commenting on the possibilities of their existence and waiting for them to become one with us? We need to Allow them to be absorbed into our consciousness, to be a part of us, to be welcome and appreciated by us, to be grateful that they are being given to us to accept and become this new person that having them will make us. They are there and keep coming, but it’s up to us to allow them to become a new part of the new me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I need all of the help I choose to Allow.

Who Are WE REally

We are what we think we are and , act accordingly, The Game of Life is an energy of Cause and Effect, and we play it with Free Will, Choice. Before we chose to play The Game of life, we were a part of the energy of Conscious Awareness which is known as God. God expressing its self as a limited human, with limited awareness, in a 3 D world of right and wrong, good and bad with Free Will and no remembrance of it’s self, to see how long it would take each part of it’s self to re-member what it really was and act accordingly, it’s called Self Realization Because of the transformation of this world that we are going through, we need to leave 3 D thinking and re-create our identification.To do that we need to stop all of our negative thinking and 3 D identification. This means we need to re-think everything and start a new reality that has no 3 D Limitation. I’ll do more on this tomorrow. Think about it.

If You Look For It You’ll Find It

What if the challenge of life is to figure out how to have a good time living (and it is) If and when we decide to do what we came here to do, find the value of existence and everything in it, life takes on a different meaning. Oh! that is the purpose of the existence of that, changes everything into something interesting, instead of feeling that something is a burden to deal with. Curiosity breeds interest and looking for the value of what we may be dealing with, makes The Game of Life an interesting challenge. When we focus our intention on finding value, starting with what/who we see in the mirror and knowing that it’s there, it’s up to us to look until we can see, it is a wonderful and extremely value-able practice. It’s also the most important exercise we can do. Until we recognize our essential value, we will struggle with the ‘Find the value Game’ Once we do find our true value, finding the value of everyone and everything. can become a fun Spiritual Challenge.
Here is a Kryon comment to consider.
The Spark of Truth
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Bridge of Swords”
September 2012 in Toronto, CAN
I want you to remember that when you came into this planet, each one of you was unique. It doesn’t matter how old you are as you sit here, every one of you is an old soul. The old souls are the ones who tend to tune in and listen and read a message such as this, and we have said that before as well. So what we have is a unique group, and I want you to remember the spark of truth when you arrived, all of you. Fresh within the quantumness that locks itself to your memory, ringing in your ears when you arrived as the baby: “This is the lifetime that will make the difference.”
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

It’s Time To Practice Self Love

It’s time to be more loving and appreciative to our selves. We need to be more “Self Loving’ so I have a plan and I need your assistance to make it viral I want to inspire an international meditation of practicing Self Love.

Lets commit to taking 15 to 20 minutes everyday, at 7 pm, We will close our eyes, hang out in our hearts and say to ourselves, “I love myself because I’m me, I am the most valuable person in my life, I am appreciated with in myself and by myself. I am the truth of myself. I am the voice of my own fulfillment. I am the answer to my questions. I AM That I AM That I AM, I Am, I AM Love  and I have Love to share.
I AM Love, therefore I Can Love My self, So I Will then have more Love to share.

Share this with as many people as you can and ask them to do the same. everyday at 7 pm, It’s time to think with our hearts. As we inspire more and more people to take the initiative to increase their Self Love, at the same time, self love will become it’s true self. Why not it’ feels good, it;s self healing, self rewarding, the key to universal love and it’s contagious. I love myself because I’m me. 7 pm.

Here’s Kryon

Who You Are
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Biggest Filter of All”
July 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT

I want you to take the attributes of mastery. I want you to stop being seen as a strange Human who seems to believe in odd things. Instead, think like a master of the planet, a loving person who people want to be with. Be balanced and compassionate. If somebody comes to you, feel comfortable enough to hold them, hug them, listen to what they have to say, cry with them, and laugh with them in joy. This is what the masters of this planet have done. Masters understand Human nature. You’re an Old Soul, and you’ve been there and you’ve done it. There is no excuse for your not understanding this, because it is your legacy. This is who you are.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

The Heart is right, the Mind is Questional

This is a tricky one, I’m going to talk about our worst enemy, to our worst enemy, the one between our ears, our mind’s belief system. We developed our belief system subconsciously to protect us from Pain, Fear and Fear of more Pain to come, as a survival mechanism, and we did that before we were able to reason. We aren’t able to reason until we are  around 7 years old, and by then our protective belief system is essentially developed, What we think we are, what we think this world will be is then accepted as our truth and will automatically become our way of reacting to present time stress, under stress we are directed  by our belief system, whose job is to protect  us from subconscious fear. Our planet is a feeling world, the basic energy of this world, is Emotional, the problems in our life are never the problems, the way we feel about our problems is the real problem. Developing E.Q. Emotional Intelligence, enables us to be emotional reason-able, instead of reacting from a childhood belief system of limited awareness. We need to choose to function from our hearts truth. Our hearts know the truth, then our minds take over and we function from our minds point of view, we see things from the way we think, the way we believe, the minds evaluation of  what our hearts are feeling. Our spiritual challenge is to see through the truth of our hearts and find the value of experience. God, Existence, Conscious Awareness, does not create anything that isn’t valuable, our hearts know it, our minds question it. Just like our minds will analyse what you have just read, in its own way. So lets be Heart full and re-program our fear full minds to think Consciously. Here is a bit of a heart message by Racuel Spencer

We are in a time of extraordinary change. It has been described in many ways for years… The Shift of the Ages, The Galactic Alignment, The Golden Age, The New 5th Dimension… I could go on. As the agents of change, the Light workers who have come in at this amazing time in human history, we knew it was both an individual and collective journey of enlightenment. First we must change ourselves, then we can effectively assist humanity as a whole. Our enlightenment, our moving from an understanding of self love, to an experiential of self love is key to the entire process. light-of-the-world Self love is not selfish, self absorbed or self righteous, it is about becoming the best version of yourself. Living from the heart means being able to live in a place of compassion, unconditional love, joy and peace more of the time than not.

What you really want is you

The two most expressed and desired wants from almost everyone are Money and Love and quite often in that order, coming from the belief that if I had lots of money, Love would by lined up at our front door waiting for come in and get their share. Actually it’s the other way around, when I choose to Love and honer myself, I will  creatively attract money because now I deserve it. a lack of money is self punishment, for some reason I have created a  sense of low self worth. This is the number one problem with a lot of us, we don’t believe that we are worthy of what we really want,  so we struggle and suffer with a lack of abundance. This effects every thing, especially relationships with creating what we think we really want. Until we choose to love our self and accept our self worth, life is usually a struggle, when we choose to have a positive relationship with our self, we can have a good, loving relationship with any and everything, it all starts with self love, which produces acceptance of self worth and supports our ability to create everything we BELIEVE that we can have. We need to get out of our limiting mind and play from our unlimited heart. Here is a long inspiration on living in your heart.

Authenticity Of The Heart
by Raquel Spencer

Those on a spiritual path are always striving to live from the heart. But what does that really mean?

To live from the heart means one must reside, think and function from a place of Self Love. Love and the heart go hand in hand. When we move out of the physical aspect of the heart as an organ, we always think of it representing love, in all its forms.

However, for most of humanity, love still is illusive, misunderstood and unattainable, as most look for it outside of themselves. You must love yourself first and foremost before you can truly live from the heart. I recently posted on my Facebook page a simple but profound quote.
“A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves.”

Although not exactly how I would state it, it makes a valid and interesting point. How many relationships do you have where you are actively helping the other person become the very best version of who they are? Think about that… not who you want them to be, but who they are meant to be, meant to become.

Then the question is, are you actively working to become the best version of you? If you are reading this blog, then the answer to that is most likely yes. You are on the path to embody the highest level of your true authentic self. The first and foremost realization that needs to be remembered is that you are a spark of the Divine. On an intellectual level, you may know that, but do you really feel it? Do you really sense that part of you that is connected to Source Energy?

The heart is the gateway to your soul, to remembering your truth, to connecting with all that is. It is your relationship with yourself that will lead to a deeper connection with Source/God/Spirit.

The heart on both the physical level and energetic level is essential to life. As stated in the article below, the heart is key to a healthy emotional and energetic system…

Research of the last 20 years indicates that this is actually very close to the truth and that emotional communication occurs at the level of quantum physics. Studies performed at the Heart Math Institute show that each human heart emits an electromagnetic field, the largest generated by any part of the human body, which extends up to several feet away from the body in a 360-degree radius. An individual’s heart communicates with the hearts of others in its immediate vicinity through the emotional information encoded in its electromagnetic field and throughout the world via the electromagnetic pulses associated with each heartbeat which travel at the speed of sound.

One’s heart also communicates with one’s brain (via the nervous system, hormones, pulse waves, and electromagnetic fields) and with the brains of other individuals (via pulse waves and electromagnetic fields), according to McCraty, Tiller, & Atkinson (1996). The brain emits its own electromagnetic field and waves of energy (known as alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta waves, each of which results from different states in brain functioning). The heart’s electrical field, however, is almost 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain and is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the brain’s electrical field (McCraty, Tiller, & Atkinson, 1996). The heart also sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

As we move into higher levels of consciousness, it only makes sense that the heart will evolve as well.
Key Light codes and energetic structures are coming on-line within the human auric field and energy matrix to enhance our ability to live more directly from the heart.

Most people move between the head and the heart, relying on the intellect to run the show, as we live in a highly technologically advanced (all things relative) society. But the truth is, if we don’t live from the heart, our connection to Source energy, our true nature is diminished greatly.

As we open up the heart, activate the key Light codes and pathways of our energetic matrix to allow for deeper experiential of the heart, our ability to love, live and function from a space of “self love” and authentic love will emerge as a result. With the new energies of the Divine Feminine, which have begun to anchor on to the planet, our ability to live from the heart and shift our consciousness, our way of living back into one of true compassion and Light is more easily experienced.

The new Light codes and energetic pathways becoming active allow for more ease with connecting and living from the heart space.
Just like a new highway being opened, these pathways simplify your ability to connect and operate from a space of self love and compassion.

Is it automatic, no. Your focus and dedication to stay in your heart space is essential, but just like driving on a new highway makes the trip from A to B easier, activating these new pathways will greatly enhance this process.

We are in a time of extraordinary change. It has been described in many ways for years… The Shift of the Ages, The Galactic Alignment, The Golden Age, The New 5th Dimension… I could go on. As the agents of change, the Light workers who have come in at this amazing time in human history, we knew it was both an individual and collective journey of enlightenment. First we must change ourselves, then we can effectively assist humanity as a whole. Our enlightenment, our moving from an understanding of self love, to an experiential of self love is key to the entire process.
Self love is not selfish, self absorbed or self righteous, it is about becoming the best version of yourself. Living from the heart means being able to live in a place of compassion, unconditional love, joy and peace more of the time than not.

Utilizing techniques that help you maintain this level of connection is essential and well worth your efforts. There are many out there. One of the simplest is to place your hand on your heart to bring your focus there. Another is to move the awareness of your conscious mind from your head to your heart SEVERAL times a day. Asking yourself what would ____ (fill in the blank) do? Pulling from spiritual leaders and public figures you admire.
Essentially it comes down to actually experiencing being in the heart, not just thinking about it.

EveryOne has unlimited power!!

The most difficult task I feel that I have, is to inspire and convince you that you are powerful beyond any ideas that you may have about your self. You have unlimited power to accomplish anything you may want, you just need to believe that its true and use it. Our only interference is what we believe, how little trust and faith we have, how limited we believe we are, how easy it is to doubt our ability and compare ourselves with past unsuccessful attempts. We don’t see that experience was an opportunity to do something different and fine tune our approach, from what didn’t work, until we figure it out, we use experience to prove to ourselves that we did something that didn’t work, so we quite often accept that we can’t do it and give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit, they use experience to inspire different approaches, until they figure it out, where there is a will, there is a way, All problems have a built in solution, we just have to believe that to be true and keep searching for the solution until we find it. Don’t give up on anything except giving up. Just do it until you get it done, most successful people over came a multitude of attempts that didn’t work along the way, but they were persistent and kept at it until they succeeded, because they believed they could. Patience and persistence and a positive attitude gets the job done. Be intelligent, plan for a miracle and create it.
Here is some help from our Alien friends.
Coming in 2015
a message from Selacia
Relax a bit and take a deep breath as the New Year begins – a gentler and lighter energy in the air. You have witnessed and likely lived through many complex challenges in recent times. The year 2014 was not an easy one, to be sure.
As mentioned in my 2015 Predictions article published in November, much is changing in our world. The changes are nothing short of a miracle, with long-outmoded institutions coming under the magnifying glass in a very public way. This process of disclosure and unveiling, while not complete, has set in motion the momentum needed for the most radical revolutionary shift to date. By the time it’s finished, society’s key nonworking power structures and ways of being will have been scrutinized and taken out of the closet for airing.
The tumultuous stage we have just lived through indeed set a foundation to shift our planet into the higher frequency octaves of love. Much still needs to be done to remedy imbalances, so in 2015 you will be hearing a lot about actions needed to follow up the foundation established so far.
Divine Changemakers in 2015
You have come a long way on your soul’s journey to be here now. As 2015 begins, consider this long passage and the big picture of your overall role as a divine changemaker. A changemaker is one who is instrumental in making beneficial changes, within and in the world. A divine changemaker approaches change from a spiritually-grounded perspective, recognizing the divine nature of all beings and all life.
The emergence of divine changemakers from all walks of life and all corners of the world is a pivotal force, creating abundant positive impetus. It is because of people like you, awakening to the truth of your own divine nature, that even more progress can be made in the coming times. Trust this.
Know that once we cross the threshold into 2015, the beneficial push already under way will continue. The quantum part of you can sense this positive energy – it is palpable. Your quantum self, not bound by linear markers, has the big picture that spirit sees. That perspective includes the future, which is where you are headed based on energies and actions now unfolding. Since much of what’s developing can be outside your ordinary radar, invite your inner wisdom to connect you with the larger quantum view.
The full moon this weekend is a perfect opportunity to focus on the kind of life you want to manifest in 2015. Energies in the first few days of the New Year can set the stage for a powerful manifesting process! Ahead of the weekend, consider setting some intentions, using the following as an example to stir ideas. Even as you write the intentions and voice them out loud, you have created a plan that is alive and full of potentials.
2015 Intentions List
FIRST – deepen the connection to spirit, expanding it to become more tangible in the everyday world. This includes having enhanced heart connection, increased intuition, and an expanded ability to live authentically. It also includes listening more of the time to discern the beneficial nudges from spirit.
SECOND, raise frequency to the higher vibrational level of love, facilitating the ability to generate abundance. This includes being able to manifest what is in the highest good – becoming an open vessel for receiving goodness and maintaining a balance in all things. It also includes clearing old DNA-level patterns involving money and receiving.
THIRD, discover and successfully take the next key steps on the path of enlightenment. This includes becoming aware of and addressing blocks to spiritual growth. It also includes discovering more about life purpose and connecting with people instrumental to progress on the path.
As you reflect on your intentions, remember the power of your words to create. You are creating all the time with your mind! Choose the words with care. Base your words on the present and where you desire to be headed next. Leave plenty of wiggle room, too, so you can adjust to reflect changing circumstances.
Be open to the idea that your very best moments are yet to come – you are going to be creating them moment by moment. You are at the helm!

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