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Releasing Self Created Blockages

Good news for interested people.
Our Cellular memory is the way of our contacting our inner truth. Every cell of our body contains a record of out emotional history. By learning how to contact and communicate with these cellular memories, we are able to understand and transform any hidden and limiting blockages from this and every life we have ever lived. Kinesioliogy, Precision Muscle Testing, enables a trained Facilitator to be able to do that, to identify the age of cause, when we created emotional limitations and free them and program them, to function in a constructive manner. What we have created, only we can recreate. We just need a little help f help from someone who is trained to facilitate process.

Love Is All There Is, We Have Been Loking In The Wrong PLace

Some times the the simplest can be the most evasive. The best example is the Love Energy, that is the essential energy of all creation. The Divine Matrix, witch every thing is created from, including ourselves,,becomes the quest of mankind.We spend life times searching outside of ourselves for loving acceptance, when we are what we’ve been searching for. We spend so much time and energy looking in the wrong place for our self acceptance, that we may become disillusioned and begin to doubt our acceptability and fear that it’s our fault and therefore we must be, for some reason, doomed to failure of realizing the love we want is readily available to us for the accepting. It all becomes available when we choose to see and think with our hearts. We are our hearts, we think that we are our mind and that’s the trap. We are victims to our own self created Belief System. We we look for and find what our mind tells us is the truth and we are stuck in the process of proving to ourselves that what our mind tells us is our truth. Which of course isn’t true at all. It’s time to think with our hearts and learn to love and to appreciate our selves, because we can. Self Love takes work because we’ve been avoiding our inner truth for life times and it’s time to change our focus from our mind to our heart. Self Love is the key to the Love Game.

Self Awareness, Is Self Apprecation

As our thinking gets more responsible, our conscious awareness will keep us alert to better choices of self caring. We really need to be nicer to ourselves, we may think that we are and perhaps we are, to some degree, but lets concentrate on doing better yet. A lot of us have been putting others, especially siblings and related people first as a duty, so the energy is duty bound, it should be done,it doesn’t carry the ‘I feel good doing this because I can and I’m feeling good doing it.” energy. There is a big difference in intent, When I take care of myself first, what I choose to share has more love and joy. It’s a simple thing, but valuable to consider. It’s more satisfactory. Check it out.

Now That I’M More Aware, I’ll Pass It On

First we need to choose to get it and then our purpose is to share it with others. There are a lot of people still wondering what is going on on our planet and what to do, so every time we share what we understand and how we are using this increased energy, to improve our lives, will or may, encourage them, to do so for them selves as`well .Every little bit helps, every person who understands the Game of Life and chooses to play more consciously, adds light to their life and to the transformation of our world, every little bit helps, the more people involved, the more powerful the light of positive change becomes, good for us.First we get it and then we share it. Here is`an excerpt from a`Hilarion channeling by Marlene Swetlishof that supports`what I.m talking about:.
We encourage each of you to cultivate a positive and joyful attitude towards the manifestation of the highest vision for yourselves, your family and community members. Support each other and make the physical connections and contacts, for in doing so, your energy brings upliftment and encouragement to them. Your calm demeanor and positive attitude will help to encourage the same behaviour in those around you. As beacons of Light, you facilitate this experience within those who come in contact with you. This is a part of your reason for being here on Earth and particularly the location where you are stationed at this time.

The Game Of Life, Is A Spiritual Challenge

To a lot of us the idea that our life is a game is hard to even consider. Our childhood was an on going confusion, our teens were full of growing pains,young adulthood was a struggle with all of our doubts and fears and then adulthood means to a lot of us, never irresponsibility. Does that sound like a game?. Well it is, when or if you look at your life as a chosen spiritual challenge, that you wanted to experience, to see how you would choose to deal with it. We knew that with Free Will, we couldn’t do wrong and with endless possibilities available at all times, we also knew that we could develop Self Realization turn our life into a journey of Conscious Awareness any time we decided ri do so, The Game of Life was an irresistible challenge, that we chose to play. Then to make it an interesting challenge, we chose to forget that we planed the whole thing and had unlimited power and ability available at all times, in case we wished to re-member it and use it with trust and faith. That’s The Game of Life. from the Spiritual point of view, we all came here to be winners and if you don’t find the Win, you’ll have to ro it over again. If you do find the Win, you;ll want to mdo it over again, It’s the best game in the Universe at present time.

Our Job, Conscioue Awareness, Let Go of Yesterdays, Become 5 D NOW

I want to talk more about our house cleansing. In order to move into 5 D energy we need to identify and transform all of our past life attachments. When we choose to be become a human again, we set ourselves up with specific challenges and probable experiences as our spiritual challenges for this life. Our commitment is to find the value of everything beginning with our friend in the mirror. Then to make the Game of Life more interesting, we usually start our life with 3 D thoughts of self doubt, to make it all more interesting. Many of you are experiencing physical issues as old cellular memory surfaces to be cleared. Often a physical body’s weakest area serves as the exit point for these releases. If you are experiencing some recurring physical issue (rashes, aching, etc.) and nothing is ever found to be wrong, then it is probably the clearing of old cellular memory energy. Send light to the cells of your body in the area and allow the process.
Here is an excerpt from Marilyn Raffael to help you understand what we are going through,
Many of you, in fact all of you, chose to enter into this lifetime bringing with you any remaining energy from physical, emotional, and mental injuries of the past so they could be once and for all cleared. You knew these times would be an opportunity to ascend and that these old and dense energies could not come with you into the higher.
Intense experiences of every lifetime will remain stored in cellular memory until cleared, so be patient dear ones. The process is ongoing, but does not happen over night. Try to see the lesser physical discords not so much as calls for medication and doctors, but more as indication of clearing. Trust your intuition and if you are being guided to seek medical help then seek it with no sense of spiritual failure while not allowing fear be a determining factor.
Learn to pamper yourselves, resting more when you can, being still and quiet, and doing the things you love instead of feeling obligated to continue in some old routine that no longer resonates simply because “It has always been done this way, family and friends expect it”. It is time to stand in your power, lovingly making choices that are right for you, and not adopting choices that may be right for someone else in order to be loved and accepted.

It’s Time To Trade Up

It keeps getting better and better, November is a number 11 which is also  Numerology speaking a number 1, which means a new beginning, focused on personal growth and self consciousness. As we choose to expand the awareness of our Spiritual reality, we increase the awareness of our essential power that we all have, laying dormant within and waiting for us to realize and put them to work for us. 3 D energy produced Doubt, Fear,and Limitation. 4 D / 5 D energy offers Trust and Faith and unlimited possibilities. #1 energy is inner awakening and outer manifestation. The world is new and so are we, so we need to be alert and stop our old habits of doubt, fear and limitation and replace them with a desired state of mind. Self love is the answer at all times, when we are consciously awake, we will be caring for our self and make caring choices. We NOW have a new beginning, use it wisely.

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