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Be heartful

Our world is transforming out of its density as surely as we are moving out of ours. This is happening as more and more of us realize ourselves to be inseparable facets of Spirit/God. As we release the duality programming that has long been woven into our lives, our minds will be free to think new thoughts and our feeling nature will be open to the ecstasy of the Divine as we simply go about living our daily lives. The key to the new world is to identify with our hearts and be grateful that we can choose to be positive in these difficult times and see with compassionate eyes.

Be heartful

The most relaxing, comfortable, safe, and enjoyable place is in your heart.Hang out in that peaceful,cool,calm,serene depth of your bring that is valuable and precious. All negativity disappears when you are in the confines of your heart. The outside world, your doubts and fears, all of your mind games are no longer in charge. You become the King and the Queen of your universe. And its so easy to do, just change your focus.

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