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Be creative

Creating as Your Enlightened Presence
During your present cycle, you are being invited to create your life and your world in total harmony with Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is protected from literally being invaded by any limiting 3rd and 4th dimensional thoughts or feelings that have historically been based in fear, separation and duality because this is not to be part of any of the manifestations in your new world. The potent energies of this year’s Spring Equinox are opening up some of your expanded potentials to create without any hindrances based on old paradigm thinking or living.

When you are truly abiding as your Enlightened Presence, you will actually be living as a multidimensional being capable of accessing and creating out of many domains of consciousness that were previously not available for your use. To create the new, you must be new; so any veils between you and your Presence must now be lifted so you can truly create and co-create new ways of living, loving and experiencing yourself in relationship to the Presence within all of life.

The time is now ripe to reap what you have sown over many lifetimes so you can truly manifest what is within your own Divine Crystalline Blueprint specifically for these times. You are being invited in this year to live as a co-creator with your Presence and the Presence within all of life. No greater power has ever been bestowed upon a planet that is still primarily based in the 3rd dimension. You are being called to your heights to serve and create Unity Consciousness in your world because the Earth is making her ascension. 2013 is a powerful year to begin putting into motion what you want to manifest in your new Golden Age of Freedom ~ an Age which will truly be reflecting your capacities to create as your already enlightened Presence ~ with others who are equally interested in creating and living in the peace, harmony and abundance of Unity Consciousness.

Humanity is blueprinted to ascend into Unity Consciousness and it would behoove you to focus on creating your life and the world around you in a way that will truly support your ascension, the ascension of humanity and even that of Gaia. Every time you create from the level of your Presence, you are contributing to Gaia’s realignment with her own Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these magnificent times. Because your body is made of the elements of the Earth, whenever you transmute any limiting component stored in the cells of your own physical form, you are simultaneously helping to transmute the physical body of Gaia who has over the ages assimilated so much of humanity’s dross.

To co-create with your Presence in this next cycle of your glorious unfolding as a Golden Age being, you need to have equal access to both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine aspects of your Presence. Since the Feminine has been so overpowered by the dominate male mind within the human race for so many thousands of years, now is the time to focus on how to access the manifesting abilities of your Divine Feminine as this is the key to creating miracles! By strengthening your Divine Feminine abilities, the very intimate connection with the Heart Center of all of life can be re-established within your world. Divine Love can then become the major foundation of your new Golden Age of Enlightenment and all beings can remember that Love is who they truly are!

It is important that no soul feels limited by being less than whole and that both men and women realize that they have the potential right now to co-create their next cycle on Earth within their fully balanced, 12-fold spectrum of being and that they have all they need to create when they are One with their fully enlightened Presence.

Be creative

Isn’t it interesting that we spend so much time looking at life as a difficult struggle instead of a creative challenge. Every time we figure out how to handle the task before us we get wiser and stronger. It was a blessing in disguise we benefited from the experience. When we choose to change ‘Why me?’ to ‘I can do that!’ we invite solutions, we increase our power with a Yes and decrease it with an Oh NO! We are never given a challenge we can’t find a solution for problems have built in solutions we just have to have a positive approach and know that the ‘I AM’ is capable of anything it believes it can do.

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