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Class To Expand Conscious Awareness

January 8th was the com n to focused intention. Our belief system is our only deterrent. If you are sincerely working on increasing your conscious awareness and it isn’t opening up the way you would like it to, your belief system is probably the problem. An easy way to get your limiting belief system out of the way,is ti take our 12 day class designed to identify and remove any.blockages that may be in the way.Doubts and Fears are always the subconscious problem. In 12 days you can free yourself from any limiting resistances tat you may not even know you have.Releasing blocked powers and restoring your Conscious Awareness gift we all need to give to our selves. this12 day class is a money back guarantee..

Trade In Your Doubts And Fears, For Trust And Faith

No more excuses, we know what we want, or we are not making up our mind because we don’t believe we can get it, so why bother wasting time thinking about things we know we can’t have. For a lot of us ‘Ya But’ is a constant refrain. When we decide that we aren’t worthy, we aren’t, Self worth is a given, believing it is a choice. Existence is benevolent, we can have anything we believe we can have, the necessity is ‘focused attention’, knowing that we are worthy and knowing that what we want is ours for the manifesting. An important choice to begin with, is ‘conscious awareness’, first steps first. The more consciously aware we choose to become, the simpler everything becomes. we go from: THIS IS WHY i CAN’T DO SOMETHING, TO THIS IS HOW I CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT EVER i WANT. It’s time to choose to get out of our own way. We forgot “Thy \Will Be Done On Earth, as it is in Heaven.” to First you Struggle and then you die, how 3 D of us.

Time To Pay More Atention

How much awareness do you have on where your focused attention is during the day? Do you actually pay attention to where you hang out, where you spend your thoughts, where your mind takes you when you aren’t directing where you want your mind to be? When you aren’t consciously in control, where do you hang out? WHAT HABITUAL HABIT takes over? That is the subconscious, habitual habit we need to concentrate on. We are doing a much better job with our conscious use of our focused intention and I’m pleased with our progress, now it’s time to be more aware of what old habits are still in need of our conscious transformation. We just need to pay more attention to our idle thoughts. The Law of Attraction is always working so the more we are alert and response-able, the better our life becomes. It is what we want, isn’t it? Just Do It.

Pay Attention We Are Waking Up

As our conscious awareness keeps expanding and it is, it becomes difficult to ignore. we are changing, the world is changing, things are becoming more and more transparent so it’s easier and easier to see the truth of what presents its
self to us. We are receiving clearer and clearer messages of the truth of our reality. Now that 3 D thinking is no longer in charge, seeing the true value of what we are dealing with is becoming an easy and simple thing to do, recognizing whether self to us. We are receiving clearer and clearer messages of the truth of our reality. Now that 3 D thinking is no longer in charge, seeing the true value of what we are dealing with is becoming an easy and simple thing to do, recognizing whether something is beneficial, or not to us, is seen right away. We are becoming more consciously aware and it’s about time too.We are becoming more response-able and caring for how we are taking care of ourselves, therefore more loving and caring toward otheres. Good for us.

My Heart Is My Guide and My Lover

All doubts, fears, limitations,threats, possible problems, are expressions of our mind. All feelings of trust, faith, security, ability, caring, loving, acceptance, oneness, Divinity, Spiritual Awareness, are expressions of our hearts. We are (I AM) I Can and I Will are all from our heart, our heart is life, our best friend, our mind is a problem creator. What we feel is an opportunity for awareness, what we think, quite often, confuses the issue and causes UN-necessary time loss, energy use and maybe the cause of our failure. Our Mind is our created protection, our belief system that is supposed to protect us from pain, Fear and Fear of more pain to come, the problem is that’s what it was doing, subconsciously, before we were 7 years old, without reason-ability. We need to update our childhood belief system with adult conscious awareness., we need to grow up spiritually, we need to think with our hearts, we need to think with Emotional Intelligence.

Let Go and Let Come

As we become more and more consciously aware, our old, no longer of any value habits expose themselves and make refinement of limitations an obvious thing to do. We’ve been a bit player in our own production long enough, it’s time to be the star and it’s so easy to make these changes that are so very important for us to do. I Can’t tell you how incredible the mantra we were given is, you need to use it repetitively to experience its value. It really works. The Law of Attraction reacts to I Don’t do that any more, I AM Feeling Good and our life has more and more Feel Good in it thanks to our efforts. If you are a user of this mantra you know from your use, if you haven’t been using it, check it out, you’ll be glad that you did. It’s time to ‘Lighten Up.

A Little Help From Our Friends

At times it is really difficult to find the value of what we see others doing. To us it nay not seem sensible, the problem is that we aren’t able to see the whole picture, the bigger picture, so our judgment is impaired by a limited mind. We are so quick to jump to conclusions. Everybody is doing the best that they can at all times, if they could do better they would. So the spiritual approach is to see with compassion and when we can see a straggle, to send love, light and compassion to what we see, a little help from our friends. And a friend in need is friend indeed. Sharing our love and light with others is a privilege, because when we do it, the first gift is to the sender, we have to feel it to send it. We can be like Johnnie Appleseed,,who spent his life planting Apple Seeds, only we are spreading love and light instead of apple seeds.. What a lovely thing to do sharing loving energy with others just because we can.,

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