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Develop Self Love

Develop Self Love

Acceptance with out judgment creates inner peace, when we are in a state of peace, we have peace of body, mind and spirit. When we have peace of mind we have clear vision, when we have clear vision we can see the value of anything we may be focused on. When we choose to accept that Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have a positive value and Existence doesn’t make mistakes, then what we see in the mirror will be a self imposed blessing. The only judgment that makes any sense is to figure out how we can take better care of ourselves, how we can learn from experience how to do better next time, how to make better choices next time,how we can love ourselves more and more, take better care of our self and our life. As we develop self love and self appreciation for ourselves, we develop the same feelings for everyone else. When I’m O.K., so is everyone else. We are all doing the best we can at all times. We all want to do better, we just haven’t believed in our own ability, our own inner power, the self trust, the belief in ourselves, that would enable us to create the abundance we all desire. Change your focus to being a positive, powerful, capable, love-able person with unlimited potential. Doubt your doubts and create the life you came here to live and enjoy. It’s your movie, the choice is yours. Just do it.

Existence doesn’t make mistakes

Existence doesn’t make mistakes

I wrote this at 4:30 this morning, then it disappeared, then I wrote again and it disappeared again, but I am determined to share these thoughts so  here I go again.

It’s interesting how so many of us choose to begin our spiritual challenge of life, by choosing to doubt our self worth, feel a low sense of self worth and then spend a good percentage of our life trying to change ourselves to be what we think we need to do to be what we need to be to get the acceptance, appreciation and love from people outside of us that we feel we need to get to be happy and fulfilled. To make the game more interesting, these people we are seeking love etc, from, are most likely doing the same thing themselves. Looking outside of themselves for the solution to their fulfillment. So the basic struggle we are engaged in is to choose self acceptance of our self just as we are, We all created ourselves the way we are purposely, so we would have the spiritual challenge, that being what we’ve chosen to be with our own ideas and the struggles in life, can offer us in the way that being the person we chose to be, would provide. Existence doesn’t make mistakes, we can’t be or do wrong, free will means choice and even no choice is a choice.We all have the same challenge to decide to love and appreciate ourselves just as we are. When we choose to love our self, appreciate our efforts and live our life in our own unique way, the door to abundance of love and life is opened and we have an unlimited amount to share. The only thing that has ever been in the way was our belief system, change the way you believe and you will change your life.

What is Truth?

My approach truth has always been ‘In search of the Simple’ I expressed this in the 3 volume offering  ‘Heaven is an Attitude.’ I wrote. Here is one of the simple truths that most of us ignore or refuse to see the value of:
We all suffer from the same problem, we think there is some thing wrong with us, that we need to perfect what we are into something 
of greater value that is acceptable and recognized by others. So we continually try to fix something that isn’t wrong into something that is better. 
The truth is: We are exactly what we wanted to be just as we are. We are our own purposeful creation so we can (when we are ready) choose 
to understand and recognize the value of our creation. This is the essential purpose of everyone “Self acceptance AS IS’ 
 We are not a victim to anything except our own beliefs. When we drop what we believe we are or aren’t, our life begins. Until then we spend a lot of time looking for reasons to pretend that we are victims and we find them again and again.
There is nothing wrong with any of us, we are a part of existence, part of the Divine force field and existence does not make mistakes.
Life is a journey we chose to develop Conscious Awareness and it all begins with being Consciously Aware of the value of our self. When we
are O.K. just as we are, the world and everyone in it is O.K. as well.
Existence is one and indivisible, a part cannot be where the whole is not. We are therefore the same as the whole. The only difference is one of degree and the degree of difference gives us our unique indivual personality. 
Change your beliefs change your life. The world is changing, it’s time for us to do the same. I AM THAT I AM


Trust your heart, long and meaningful.

A magnificent coming-together of the human family has commenced

The long-expected and hoped-for moment of once more becoming fully conscious beings, at one with each other and God – and fully aware of this – draws ever closer, as more of you choose to join the collective intent to awaken. It can happen instantly when the Love field enveloping and uniting you all is fully acknowledged. Despite all the attention being paid to the illusion and its problems, there is growing awareness that a sea change in perception is essential if you are to leave behind the old ways of judgment, retribution, and conflict so that you can live in harmony with one another, regardless of race, color, or religious or political persuasion, and that awareness is what is driving you forwards so effectively on your path to awakening.

The Oneness of God is wondrously stimulating and utterly amazing. It can only be experienced. Attempting to describe It in words or images, in fact, in any manner at all, as so many of your mystics and enlightened ones have told you, is beyond impossible. However, those who have experienced It have managed to convey to those who are willing to listen that It is an experience that surpasses all joy, exhilaration, and understanding, It just IS! And all are enveloped within It, even if they choose to remain unaware – to be unaware is a choice that humanity made. Now you are in the process of changing your minds and allowing yourselves to open up to the infinite wonder of God’s eternal Love for you. Nothing you can think, say, or do could remotely compensate for what you lost when you chose to become unaware, which is why you can never find true satisfaction within your illusory environment. You have to wake up. And you will!

Consciousness, God, is a massive, a vast, an infinite field of loving and accepting Awareness, in which all that is, every part of consciousness from the infinitesimal smallest to the infinitely largest, exists eternally in perfect bliss-filled harmony. Within that field are a few small pockets, bubbles, or enclosures, in which an aspect of consciousness has chosen, very temporarily, to play a game of being unaware of its oneness and to pretend to be separate, individual. Humans on Earth are presently experiencing life in one such illusory enclave, but the unawareness that they chose to experience is wearing off as they move towards their moment of awakening. To be unaware – as humanity most definitely has been – is a most unnatural state of being which can only last for a moment, rather like the soap bubbles that children blow and which burst almost as soon as they have formed, releasing the air trapped within them back into the surrounding atmosphere.

The “bubble” of unawareness in which you presently seem to be enclosed and cut off from Reality has no option but to burst when the moist film enclosing it dries and shrinks in the surrounding air. Then the unawareness enclosed within it will just dissipate as it is subsumed fully and lovingly into the field of divine Awareness from which it had tried to hide. Unawareness does not exist, cannot exist. It would be like a state of intense darkness, a dark hole, where there is no shade or shadow to cause it, in a place fully lit by the midday sun.

Unawareness is an imaginary state of unknowing which humanity built so that it could justify the many unconscionable and unloving activities in which it has been engaged over the eons. If you had allowed yourselves to remain fully aware you could never have become embroiled in judgment of one another, leading to intense disagreement, fear, hatred, conflict, and endless war. As your unawareness fades and then disintegrates you begin to recognize the insanity of so many of your activities and planned future activities, and so you take steps to put an end to them. Now many of you are making the determined intention to cease using violence against another, whatever the circumstances, and the results of those individual loving intents is a growing field of energy that is effectively swamping, drowning, and then transforming any energies that are not in alignment with it.

Distrust is an energy of fear to which many of you have clung in desperation as you observed or took part in the conflicts that seemed to be almost constantly ongoing all around you. Now the divine field of Love that envelops the Earth is dissolving all fear and hatred, as the energy that supported them becomes transformed by humanity’s collective choice to awaken from the nightmare inferno of distrust and conflict which has so disastrously confined each of you in the fires of your own bitterness and confusion for far too long.

Trust occurs when people stop mistrusting and cease erecting the defenses that mistrust demands. That is now happening all across the world in an unprecedented expansion of awareness that that is the only way out of the wars and conflicts that have plagued you since before the dawn of recorded history. You have realized that there has to be a better way, and that there is a better way, and you are now engaging with it in increasing numbers. And that way is by respecting and honoring one another no matter how diverse may be the cultures, ethnicities, religions, and political persuasions which have been used for so long as a means to divide you and set you against each other. Those days are over.

A magnificent coming-together of the human family has commenced. It is like a massive family reunion, a get-together to celebrate a wedding or a birth. And just as in such a celebration, the newly-weds honor each other in their vows, or the parents honor and welcome their new child, all present now make a new and loving start, saluting all the family members, and agreeing to release and forgive old scores that had festered instead of being settled. After the celebration a great lightening of the collective energy field can most definitely be felt by all present.

Open yourselves now to feel that energetic shift, that transformation that is encouraging you to embrace others instead of distrusting and avoiding them. All are one – you know that. You can no longer deny it by pretending to be separated by race, religion, class distinction, gender, or supposed value to society. Open up by honoring self and others, and by graciously accepting the recognition offered to you, and feel the divine energy field embracing you as you do so.

With so very much love, Saul.


Most of us believe that the outer world and people outside of are the reasons for our problems. We look for support and answers outside. This all began as a child and quite often in the womb. When we arrived here we forgot our spiritual purpose and all we wanted was to be wanted, welcomed, and loved by this family we were becoming a part of. Our spiritual challenge is to accept and love ourselves just as we are but until we realize and accept that as our essential purpose, acceptance by others becomes our goal. So we strive and struggle for their assistance and acceptance. The answers are not outside they are within, we are the only one that knows what we need and has the answers and solutions that we seek. The problem is how do I get these answers and solutions from myself? The most trustful method is using bio-feedback from our body. The cells of our body have total recall, they remember everything we have done in this and every life time. So the answers we seek are readily available to a trained Kinesiologist, a professional Muscle Tester.

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