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It’s All Up To You

This is an important repeat: Life is an on going challenge of Conscious Awareness, when we can see the value of our experiences we are Consciously Aware, when we don’t see the value we are functioning from 3 D thinking. Existence doesn’t make anything that isn’t valuable, our job is to recognize the value and act accordingly. We are an active, or inactive, part of the game plan, of this world, that we chose to we to play in.We all have the same purpose, to create more light in this world by identifying the value of what we are exposed to. Quite often that may not a simple and obvious task, we need to see bigger picture to justify value. For example sickness may inspire interest in wellness etc. Losing your job may lead to a better job, regardless if you look for the win, you’ll find it. Every time we find the value we add to the positive transformation of our planet and that’s the over all purpose of life, to assist existence in its job and feel good doing it.


Out of Confusion comes Illumination. When we are faced with new experiences, we may feel a bit, or even a lot of confusion, what and why may be our first reaction. Accepting that we never receive anything that isn’t for our highest good, is the first step. it may be a response ability check, looking for the value that this experience is bringing us is the next step, keeping in mind that existence never creates anything that doesn’t have positive value, it is important to assure ourselves that we been given a gift from existence that we can profit from. When we choose to look for the value of anything we can find it. A good example is if someone unexpectedly becomes unfriendly or angry toward us, what could be the value of that? It may be really confusing and how did we handle it? Even experiences like that have a positive purpose, how are we now responding to outside influences, or are we still reacting to things we can’t control? We need constant reminders of our ability to respond, or are we still a victim to things we can’t control. Welcome all experiences with the same approach, ‘Isn’t that interesting’ then look for the win or you;ll have to do it over again.

Joining The Light Brigade

It’s wonderful to see the the increase in light in people’s faces. ‘;m a people watcher and just by being an observer is an uplift to my heart, to see an obvious increase in the inner light of so many people. In spite of all the changes we are all going through. Whether we are aware of them or not, a lot of people’s inner light is shinning brighter. Which is very good to see, conscious awareness is obviously finding more and more people who are open to feeling good and doing something about it. Feeling good is being used by more people, more often. Those 0f us using ‘ I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling Good’ daily the results are undeniable, it really works, so if you haven’t been using it check it out, you’ll be glad that you did.

Creative Changes Are Readily Available

We are entering into a year of beginning a new life, by ending the Now that we are no longer burdened by strong 3 D thought forms, and have the use of; I Don’t Do that any more, I AM Feeling good, to help us to change old habits, the road to making major changes can be paved with self love. The less of our energy we spend thinking about 3 D habits, the more energy we have to be here now. When we stay in the now we are a powerful creator, thy will be done, works better because our energy isn’t divided. 2016 is a 9 year, which is ending the old, to make way for the new. January is a 1 month, together they make new beginnings easily available for our creating, Now that Doubts and Fears are being replaced with Trust and Faith, it’s time for creative thinking. This is a year for positive changes.

Creating Self Love On Purpose

A New Years Resolution:

Self Love needs focused intention. To assist our selves to achieve self LOVE. I’m offering a poem I wrote that is in my first book, ‘Heaven is an Attitude,, that is a good inspiration for daily encouragement, for increasing our SELF LOVE.. MY suggestion ts to is to copy it and repeat reading it every morning as a daily reminder .

>> A Glimpse of Beauty

>> I love myself because I’m me;
>> The only one who can really see.
>> What I really need within my soul;
>> So I can accomplish my earthly goal.
>> When I examine the way I feel;
>> And accept in my heart its no big deal,
>> I’ve learned from others that life is hard;
>> And I need to be constantly on my guard.
>> I must protect myself from the pitfalls of life;
>> That brings me nothing but sorrow and strife.
>> And so I’ve watched the world pass by;
>> And watched the people moan and cry.
>> Then I thought this is absurd;
>> They haven’t listened to the spiritual word,
>> They‘re looking for the Darkness not the light;
>> It seems to be everywhere not just at night.
>> I said to myself while inside looking;
>> This world is a pot of Wisdom cooking,
>> Cooking up lessons in my daily life;
>> So I can learn to transform misery and strife.
>> Into something, an idea, not really new;
>> Spirit all is spirit, Spirit is all there is;
>> No matter whose form it takes;
>> Be it yours or his or hers.
>> All that I need to do to make it all work;
>> Is to take care of myself and stop being a jerk!
>> If we are created as part of it all;
>> Then its time to stop complaining and make living a ball.
>> I’ll transform life’s lessons through awareness and will;
>> I’ll take time everyday to sit silent and still,
>> I will appreciate my own efforts as no one else can;
>> I will look with love on life’s problems.
>> They prove all that I am.
>> My world will become quickly a wonderful place;
>> And I will bask in the glory of the whole human race.
>> Knowing now in my every cell;
>> It’s all up to me to make life Heaven or Hell!
>> The responsibility for my life, the way I perceive;
>> Is totally controlled by what I believe,
>> I need to examine what others have said;
>> To see how much from them is stuffed in my head.
>> I’ll then have a choice to respond in a new way;
>> To life’s constant challenges that come everyday,
>> These changes I make will then lead me to see;
>> The beautiful things I’m doing for me.
>> I now begin each day with love in my heart;
>> Please believe me when I say, it’s a wonderful start.
>> Now Existence smiles and showers me with love;
>>> As I learn to create a world here, like the one up above.
>>> This isn’t the end,
>>> it’s just the beginning
>>> Warren Stagg

Give Yourself The Gift Of Your Love

What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it? This is a question we all need to think about. Life is a game of Focused Intention, so lets take some time before the new year begins by planting the seeds of intention for our increase of Self Love in 2016. The nicer we choose to be to ourselves, the the more existence will show us its appreciation. It’s of vital importance to decide what we will do to be more caring for ourselves, so we have what we really want, which is self appreciation for our effort. Love is the common denominator that holds everything together and attracts what we really want, eo feel good in present time more of the time, so lets do it, the only thing in the way is our procrastination. Be a Nike, just do it, We all deserve and need, our loving focused intention, not from someone else, from ourselves.That’s what we all really want, it’s so simple and so rewarding. I AM that I AM and the I AM is love. Here is some incouragenent from John Smallman:
Great events are on the verge of occurring on your beautiful planet because of all your prayers and loving intentions so strongly and constantly held.

Wake Up Time, Is Self Acceptance, As Is

Some of us respond slower or faster than others, we all have our own timing, which is one of the major reasons that comparing ourselves with others is silly..We are all perfectly imperfect, which is a part of our spiritual challenge, to have our chosen imperfections as part of our chosen life plan, to find the value of that as well.Everything has its own value and that’s our unique value to find the value of our self, our life and its opportunities for awareness and it has to start in the mirror. recognizing our uniqueness is the beginning of Self Realization. Being the person we chose to be can be quite a challenge, but that’s what we all chose to do, just as we are, there is nothing to change except out attitude. Once we understand what we are really doing, as a person, everything changes. We love a spiritual challenge and when we realize why we came to earth to play The Game of Life, is when our life really begins consciously. Our job is, to have a good time, in present time, more of the time, get on with it. The choice is and always has been, even No Choice is a choice. 2016 is a Nine year. one to end old limiting ideas and create new and self rewarding ones, because we can.
Here is an inspiration from the Angels, through Ann Albers:
Dear ones you are a gift and blessing upon this earth, and we celebrate you! May you and your families enjoy sweet peace, incredible joy, and the miracles that the human race is so apt to believe in more easily during this season.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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