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A Christmas and New Year gift

This is the time of sharing of gifts. The best and most important gift is one you can give yourself. Look in the mirror and see the best friend you will ever have in your life, always with you, always acceptant of your moods and actions, always on your side, always supportive. Tell your friend how much you appreciate and love her/him. This is the best gift you can receive, the most important, the most needed.

2012 is nearly here. In the Quero Apache cosmology, this is the year of
‘Inner Knowing’. A time to go within, dream awake and know ourselves.
Through the journey of inner knowing, we are empowered to gracefully make our
way through the rapidly shifting landscape. Attuning to our Highest Self,
we are fully supported in making life-affirming, co-creative choices and changes.

By accessing our place of peace and power within, it is made manifest in the world, as well.

As above, so Below,
So within, so without.
As the Universe, so the Soul.

Our first few years in the Fifth World are called the ‘Time of Settling’. As veils
are lifted and power structures shifted, it is vital for each of us to settle into a
place of peace within our own hearts and homes. Settling into our own Inner
Knowing, we become clear. Clarified. Peace-filled. Connected to Source and so
to One another.

The Fifth World – The Great Coming Together – begins first within. It is
the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within every Soul.
It is the bridge between Heart and Mind and the merging of past-present-future
in every breath. Love yourself so you have love to share.

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