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Class To Expand Conscious Awareness

January 8th was the com n to focused intention. Our belief system is our only deterrent. If you are sincerely working on increasing your conscious awareness and it isn’t opening up the way you would like it to, your belief system is probably the problem. An easy way to get your limiting belief system out of the way,is ti take our 12 day class designed to identify and remove any.blockages that may be in the way.Doubts and Fears are always the subconscious problem. In 12 days you can free yourself from any limiting resistances tat you may not even know you have.Releasing blocked powers and restoring your Conscious Awareness gift we all need to give to our selves. this12 day class is a money back guarantee..

We Love A Spititual Challenge

Until we begin to see our life as the spiritual Game of awareness that it is, life can be very confusing. Once we begin to see it as a Si ritual Challenge, then it all starts to make sense. My approach to the challenges of my life now have a different energy. I Can enjoy learning how to deal with life’s lessons, instead of resenting them and feeling they are some kind of punishment, for some thing that I might have done. Struggles become interesting challenges. Resentment turns into Interest. Think about it, would that make a difference in you life? It sure did in mine.

We All Need a Safe Place

As we get closer and closer to a major change of conscious awareness, it keeps us pretty busy. Old Karmic patterns keep showing up to give us a chance to transform them into our feel good place. If you don’t have a feel good, safe place, then you need to create one. With closed eyes. imagine .the kind of a place you would be comfortable and totally safe in. Perhaps a garden with a stream running through it, with trees and flowers growing all around. You can add anything else you would like in your private place. No one but you knows where your safe place is, when you are there, you are totally safe and protested. This is where you can go to just ,.GET AWAY..
If you are a meditator, this is the place to Meditate from. Remember No ONE BUT YOU knows where your safe place is but you, keep it that way.This your safe haven, go there whenever you need to d-stress or chill out.. Make your safe place as beautiful as you like, this is your secrete. place..

Trade In Your Doubts And Fears, For Trust And Faith

No more excuses, we know what we want, or we are not making up our mind because we don’t believe we can get it, so why bother wasting time thinking about things we know we can’t have. For a lot of us ‘Ya But’ is a constant refrain. When we decide that we aren’t worthy, we aren’t, Self worth is a given, believing it is a choice. Existence is benevolent, we can have anything we believe we can have, the necessity is ‘focused attention’, knowing that we are worthy and knowing that what we want is ours for the manifesting. An important choice to begin with, is ‘conscious awareness’, first steps first. The more consciously aware we choose to become, the simpler everything becomes. we go from: THIS IS WHY i CAN’T DO SOMETHING, TO THIS IS HOW I CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT EVER i WANT. It’s time to choose to get out of our own way. We forgot “Thy \Will Be Done On Earth, as it is in Heaven.” to First you Struggle and then you die, how 3 D of us.

Join the Welcoming Commity

It’s time for us to to reconsider the gathering Aliens and their purpose for being here. They are obviously more advanced technically than we are, they came here from places we aren’t sure really exist. If they mean us harm, they could do that at anytime, why wait? We are slowly being re-educated to be constructive instead of destructive, why not welcome their assistance and take advantage of what they have to offer? they could have harmed us at anytime and haven’t, so lets welcome them as gifts of love from people who have come to be of value to a limited consciousness of a transforming world and population of confused citizens. We can use all of the assistance we can get, it’s time to welcome it with Gratitude. Don’t let the fear of the unknown get in the way. What do we have to lose, fear, stupidity, confusion, old ideas, limited awareness etc. Lets meet our friends and evolve from what they have come to share with us.

Self Awareness, Is Self Apprecation

As our thinking gets more responsible, our conscious awareness will keep us alert to better choices of self caring. We really need to be nicer to ourselves, we may think that we are and perhaps we are, to some degree, but lets concentrate on doing better yet. A lot of us have been putting others, especially siblings and related people first as a duty, so the energy is duty bound, it should be done,it doesn’t carry the ‘I feel good doing this because I can and I’m feeling good doing it.” energy. There is a big difference in intent, When I take care of myself first, what I choose to share has more love and joy. It’s a simple thing, but valuable to consider. It’s more satisfactory. Check it out.

I’M On My Way, Cause Everyday, I Get A Little Better

It’s list time again,3 lists this time. First make a list of the positive accomplishments you have made during 2015, the year of Abundance. Be generous, re-member, every little bit accomplished is a winner. Second list,now make a list of all the things you are still working on, the things, the attitudes, procrastination’s, taking care of your self first, so you’ll have more to share, being open to new possibilities etc The 3rd List will be the important things I AM going to concentrate on.I AM, therefore, I Can, because I Can, I Will and express my Gratitude for the changes I AM making Everyday in everyday,a little bit better. Here is a little inspiration.

In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. We are all called to open to the guidance of Nature and to attune to our deepest center; our internal spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing. In this light,

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