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Class To Expand Conscious Awareness

January 8th was the com n to focused intention. Our belief system is our only deterrent. If you are sincerely working on increasing your conscious awareness and it isn’t opening up the way you would like it to, your belief system is probably the problem. An easy way to get your limiting belief system out of the way,is ti take our 12 day class designed to identify and remove any.blockages that may be in the way.Doubts and Fears are always the subconscious problem. In 12 days you can free yourself from any limiting resistances tat you may not even know you have.Releasing blocked powers and restoring your Conscious Awareness gift we all need to give to our selves. this12 day class is a money back guarantee..

It’s All Up To You

This is an important repeat: Life is an on going challenge of Conscious Awareness, when we can see the value of our experiences we are Consciously Aware, when we don’t see the value we are functioning from 3 D thinking. Existence doesn’t make anything that isn’t valuable, our job is to recognize the value and act accordingly. We are an active, or inactive, part of the game plan, of this world, that we chose to we to play in.We all have the same purpose, to create more light in this world by identifying the value of what we are exposed to. Quite often that may not a simple and obvious task, we need to see bigger picture to justify value. For example sickness may inspire interest in wellness etc. Losing your job may lead to a better job, regardless if you look for the win, you’ll find it. Every time we find the value we add to the positive transformation of our planet and that’s the over all purpose of life, to assist existence in its job and feel good doing it.

We All Need a Safe Place

As we get closer and closer to a major change of conscious awareness, it keeps us pretty busy. Old Karmic patterns keep showing up to give us a chance to transform them into our feel good place. If you don’t have a feel good, safe place, then you need to create one. With closed eyes. imagine .the kind of a place you would be comfortable and totally safe in. Perhaps a garden with a stream running through it, with trees and flowers growing all around. You can add anything else you would like in your private place. No one but you knows where your safe place is, when you are there, you are totally safe and protested. This is where you can go to just ,.GET AWAY..
If you are a meditator, this is the place to Meditate from. Remember No ONE BUT YOU knows where your safe place is but you, keep it that way.This your safe haven, go there whenever you need to d-stress or chill out.. Make your safe place as beautiful as you like, this is your secrete. place..

Join the Welcoming Commity

It’s time for us to to reconsider the gathering Aliens and their purpose for being here. They are obviously more advanced technically than we are, they came here from places we aren’t sure really exist. If they mean us harm, they could do that at anytime, why wait? We are slowly being re-educated to be constructive instead of destructive, why not welcome their assistance and take advantage of what they have to offer? they could have harmed us at anytime and haven’t, so lets welcome them as gifts of love from people who have come to be of value to a limited consciousness of a transforming world and population of confused citizens. We can use all of the assistance we can get, it’s time to welcome it with Gratitude. Don’t let the fear of the unknown get in the way. What do we have to lose, fear, stupidity, confusion, old ideas, limited awareness etc. Lets meet our friends and evolve from what they have come to share with us.

Leave Your Troubles Behind You

All of our negatives are in the process of diminishing, going away. They a part of 3 D thinking that was doing best to keep us in limitation. doubts and fears, it’s not here any longer, we are in 4 D energy now, the clean house and reclaim your power state of mind time, We still have to do the work but the way has been made available to all of us. This is the ‘I don’t do that any more I AM feeling good’ time. A time when let go and let come is in fashion. We’ve lived in limitation long enough, it’s time to change our focus to a positive success story and become more of what we really are, A Divine being pretending to be a human person, instead of pretending to be a human person seeking the Divine. We are what we are, not the reverse and it’s time to realize it. WHY WAIT? IT’S OUR MOVIE.

Time To Pay More Atention

How much awareness do you have on where your focused attention is during the day? Do you actually pay attention to where you hang out, where you spend your thoughts, where your mind takes you when you aren’t directing where you want your mind to be? When you aren’t consciously in control, where do you hang out? WHAT HABITUAL HABIT takes over? That is the subconscious, habitual habit we need to concentrate on. We are doing a much better job with our conscious use of our focused intention and I’m pleased with our progress, now it’s time to be more aware of what old habits are still in need of our conscious transformation. We just need to pay more attention to our idle thoughts. The Law of Attraction is always working so the more we are alert and response-able, the better our life becomes. It is what we want, isn’t it? Just Do It.

I’M On My Way, Cause Everyday, I Get A Little Better

It’s list time again,3 lists this time. First make a list of the positive accomplishments you have made during 2015, the year of Abundance. Be generous, re-member, every little bit accomplished is a winner. Second list,now make a list of all the things you are still working on, the things, the attitudes, procrastination’s, taking care of your self first, so you’ll have more to share, being open to new possibilities etc The 3rd List will be the important things I AM going to concentrate on.I AM, therefore, I Can, because I Can, I Will and express my Gratitude for the changes I AM making Everyday in everyday,a little bit better. Here is a little inspiration.

In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. We are all called to open to the guidance of Nature and to attune to our deepest center; our internal spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing. In this light,

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