Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are such a trip, we struggle to improve ourselves for life times. We have everything we want and need inside and we keep looking outside for the answers. When we don’t find the solutions er are looking for, just promises, a lot of us give up and accept that we must be doing something wrong, or God would save us form ourselves and our chosen stupidity. When all of the time, everything we wane and need is laying idle in side, waiting for us to wake up and claim our inner reality, this is refereed to as Self Realization. We are all Divine, we only act stupid, It’s an off shoot of Free Will.Stay as stupid as you decide to, it’s your choice or join us in the ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling Good’ club and make yourself open for the conscious awareness that is ours for the taking. Let go of all of your doubts, fears and limitations you may have been using as an obstacle to limit your life. Why wait? Haven’t you done enough of waiting for someone outside of you or God to come to your rescue? Rescue your, it is a choice that’s always available for us to play with.

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