Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Join the Welcoming Commity

It’s time for us to to reconsider the gathering Aliens and their purpose for being here. They are obviously more advanced technically than we are, they came here from places we aren’t sure really exist. If they mean us harm, they could do that at anytime, why wait? We are slowly being re-educated to be constructive instead of destructive, why not welcome their assistance and take advantage of what they have to offer? they could have harmed us at anytime and haven’t, so lets welcome them as gifts of love from people who have come to be of value to a limited consciousness of a transforming world and population of confused citizens. We can use all of the assistance we can get, it’s time to welcome it with Gratitude. Don’t let the fear of the unknown get in the way. What do we have to lose, fear, stupidity, confusion, old ideas, limited awareness etc. Lets meet our friends and evolve from what they have come to share with us.

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