Life Coach, MetaPhysician

All of our negatives are in the process of diminishing, going away. They a part of 3 D thinking that was doing best to keep us in limitation. doubts and fears, it’s not here any longer, we are in 4 D energy now, the clean house and reclaim your power state of mind time, We still have to do the work but the way has been made available to all of us. This is the ‘I don’t do that any more I AM feeling good’ time. A time when let go and let come is in fashion. We’ve lived in limitation long enough, it’s time to change our focus to a positive success story and become more of what we really are, A Divine being pretending to be a human person, instead of pretending to be a human person seeking the Divine. We are what we are, not the reverse and it’s time to realize it. WHY WAIT? IT’S OUR MOVIE.

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