Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Out of Confusion comes Illumination. When we are faced with new experiences, we may feel a bit, or even a lot of confusion, what and why may be our first reaction. Accepting that we never receive anything that isn’t for our highest good, is the first step. it may be a response ability check, looking for the value that this experience is bringing us is the next step, keeping in mind that existence never creates anything that doesn’t have positive value, it is important to assure ourselves that we been given a gift from existence that we can profit from. When we choose to look for the value of anything we can find it. A good example is if someone unexpectedly becomes unfriendly or angry toward us, what could be the value of that? It may be really confusing and how did we handle it? Even experiences like that have a positive purpose, how are we now responding to outside influences, or are we still reacting to things we can’t control? We need constant reminders of our ability to respond, or are we still a victim to things we can’t control. Welcome all experiences with the same approach, ‘Isn’t that interesting’ then look for the win or you;ll have to do it over again.

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