Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It’s amazing to me how many people make their lives extremely limited and difficult. FIRST YOU SUFFER AND THEN YOU DIE. Is a general rule for a lot of people all over the the world. So the Law Of Attraction fulfills their beliefs with more suffering. If they would just change how they think and believe that where there is a will there is a way and choose to doubt their doubt, their lives would begin to change. I realize that this is not easy to do when you are being shot at, hungry or physically abused, but it still is viable. It just takes an increase of trust and faith. Extremes take lots if heart and dedicated intention. It’s the same for a lot more of us who have created diseases and physical malfunctions, a war against ourselves and our bodies. The challenge is always to change the way we think, surrender to Spiritual Awareness and take the responsibility for making conscious choices with our energy. We can all improve our lives to the degree that we believe that we can and how we choose to go about it. How are you doing? Change your focus, change your life.

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