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Another Power Boost

I’m Sharing this as is, because of the value it can it may have for many of us.


from Life Harmonized


Another Happy New Year in advance. On February 8th, more than 1 Billion people will celebrate and welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey. The Year of the Fire Monkey is the energy of Achieving Your Impossible Visions in a Year of Unlimited Possibility! Why?

The primary element is changing: 2016 is a FIRE Year!

Fire is the element that creates the fastest transformation. Fire transforms energy and information from one form to another form. In a Fire element year, we often see massive global changes, new initiatives, and many new innovations and solutions creating rapid changes.

2016 is one of the most powerful years that you will experience in your life. Why? Because the collective human consciousness is expanding, people are rising above old systems, rules and regulations and more people are focusing on personal development, empowerment and bringing out their gifts and talents.

When you take advantage of the Fire element year, you can harness its transformative power to evaluate your life and change anything that no longer serves you: money, love, health and wellness, recreation, spirituality, and more are yours to create your own possibilities.

Wishing you an abundant and magical 2016!

Mashhur Anam

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