Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Time To Pay More Atention

How much awareness do you have on where your focused attention is during the day? Do you actually pay attention to where you hang out, where you spend your thoughts, where your mind takes you when you aren’t directing where you want your mind to be? When you aren’t consciously in control, where do you hang out? WHAT HABITUAL HABIT takes over? That is the subconscious, habitual habit we need to concentrate on. We are doing a much better job with our conscious use of our focused intention and I’m pleased with our progress, now it’s time to be more aware of what old habits are still in need of our conscious transformation. We just need to pay more attention to our idle thoughts. The Law of Attraction is always working so the more we are alert and response-able, the better our life becomes. It is what we want, isn’t it? Just Do It.

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