Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Let The Changes Continue

We are going through many changes,that we may have no idea of; the earth is changing, our world is changing, the planets are aliening differently, our bodies are being changed so they can handle the increase of energy that we are being exposed to. We aren’t the same person we were a year ago. A lot of us are thinking differently, many of us are waking up to new realities. Spiritual interest is on the rise, a lot of us are considering that a major change is going on and we are more involved than we realized. self love is making more sense to us so we are becoming a  more caring person. Self realization is understood clearer and it is a recognizable goal for us to to achieve, for a lot more of us. 2016 is a year of ending old, no longer valuable habits and the beginning of creating new age, supporting ways to function. All in all, we are in a clean up and re-organize phase that can be beneficial and enjoyable to accomplish this year. Where there is a will, there is way, it is up to us.

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