Life Coach, MetaPhysician

All doubts, fears, limitations,threats, possible problems, are expressions of our mind. All feelings of trust, faith, security, ability, caring, loving, acceptance, oneness, Divinity, Spiritual Awareness, are expressions of our hearts. We are (I AM) I Can and I Will are all from our heart, our heart is life, our best friend, our mind is a problem creator. What we feel is an opportunity for awareness, what we think, quite often, confuses the issue and causes UN-necessary time loss, energy use and maybe the cause of our failure. Our Mind is our created protection, our belief system that is supposed to protect us from pain, Fear and Fear of more pain to come, the problem is that’s what it was doing, subconsciously, before we were 7 years old, without reason-ability. We need to update our childhood belief system with adult conscious awareness., we need to grow up spiritually, we need to think with our hearts, we need to think with Emotional Intelligence.

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