Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Let Go and Let Come

As we become more and more consciously aware, our old, no longer of any value habits expose themselves and make refinement of limitations an obvious thing to do. We’ve been a bit player in our own production long enough, it’s time to be the star and it’s so easy to make these changes that are so very important for us to do. I Can’t tell you how incredible the mantra we were given is, you need to use it repetitively to experience its value. It really works. The Law of Attraction reacts to I Don’t do that any more, I AM Feeling Good and our life has more and more Feel Good in it thanks to our efforts. If you are a user of this mantra you know from your use, if you haven’t been using it, check it out, you’ll be glad that you did. It’s time to ‘Lighten Up.

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