Life Coach, MetaPhysician

At times it is really difficult to find the value of what we see others doing. To us it nay not seem sensible, the problem is that we aren’t able to see the whole picture, the bigger picture, so our judgment is impaired by a limited mind. We are so quick to jump to conclusions. Everybody is doing the best that they can at all times, if they could do better they would. So the spiritual approach is to see with compassion and when we can see a straggle, to send love, light and compassion to what we see, a little help from our friends. And a friend in need is friend indeed. Sharing our love and light with others is a privilege, because when we do it, the first gift is to the sender, we have to feel it to send it. We can be like Johnnie Appleseed,,who spent his life planting Apple Seeds, only we are spreading love and light instead of apple seeds.. What a lovely thing to do sharing loving energy with others just because we can.,

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