Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We find What We Look For

We need to ‘Find the Win’ or you’ll have to do it over again. We made a vow to our self, to find the win, 0r we will have to do it over productive value, of everything in this existence and it begins in the mirror, not only the mirror on the wall or in your hand, but the mirror in your mind. As thinkers we are essentially repeaters, we repeat the same thoughts, over and over again. THIS KIND OF THINKING IS JUST ACTIVITY to GIVE THE MIND A PURPOSE, it’s just an energy user, thinking takes a lot of energy. Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have a positive purpose, we just don’t see the bigger picture clearly. AS we keep increasing our spiritual Vision, we will be able to see the value of more things easier.. RE-member, seeing is releasing doubts and fears.We need to find value of ourselves first. ‘WHEN WE’RE O.K.,SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE. Trust and Faith.WILL DO IT.

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