Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The increased wake up call from existence, is influencing more and more of us to be interested in being response-able for how we think. The Law of Attraction is making sense to us and we want to improve our life, so we are being more consciously aware of how we use our choices, our free will. We are improving our life by making better choices and see the positive results. This of course has a strong encouragement to make more conscious choices that will attract more of what we really want and less of what we no longer desire. This is the beginning of increased Self Love,We care enough to be response-able for working on self improvement. Charity begins at home, the nicer we are to ourselves, the nicer we will be to everyone.
Here is a bit from John Smallman for inspiration:Humanity’s desire for peace on Earth has become extremely powerful, and as a result the planet’s energy field is shedding negativity – fear, hatred, anxiety, and resentment – as Love flows relentlessly into every corner of the world, calming and comforting all in Its path. All are in Its path, because the path of Love is the only path. The seemingly myriad other paths that are not in harmonious alignment with It are quite unreal, and by opening your hearts to Love and allowing Reality to embrace you, you begin to become aware that, as you have been told repeatedly, there is only Love. As you accept that knowing and engage with it you will find everything to which you were attached that is not in alignment with Love will just fall away – fear, anger, hatred, resentment, and other related feelings, opinions, and perceptions.

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