Life Coach, MetaPhysician


In order for us to be able to clean up any past Karma , lessons and experiences we didn’t find the value of in the past, we need to be aware of them. The # 9 energy of this year will do exactly that. We are preparing for the 5th dimension, where past cellular memories need to be transformed before we can attune to that higher frequency. This can be easy to accomplish by using the mantra, “I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM Feeling Good.” Every time we become aware of any negativity or experiences that we didn’t recognize the value of, that we are Every time we choose to do that, it is an example of Self Love, we care enough to do it. In the 5th dimensional world there will be no negativity, so we can’t bring any with us, we need to transform them into feel good awareness now in this 4 D energy we are now working in, a good 2016 approach is,” I AM, I Can and I Will.” A Happy and successful New Year to all of you.

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