Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Creating Self Love On Purpose

A New Years Resolution:

Self Love needs focused intention. To assist our selves to achieve self LOVE. I’m offering a poem I wrote that is in my first book, ‘Heaven is an Attitude,, that is a good inspiration for daily encouragement, for increasing our SELF LOVE.. MY suggestion ts to is to copy it and repeat reading it every morning as a daily reminder .

>> A Glimpse of Beauty

>> I love myself because I’m me;
>> The only one who can really see.
>> What I really need within my soul;
>> So I can accomplish my earthly goal.
>> When I examine the way I feel;
>> And accept in my heart its no big deal,
>> I’ve learned from others that life is hard;
>> And I need to be constantly on my guard.
>> I must protect myself from the pitfalls of life;
>> That brings me nothing but sorrow and strife.
>> And so I’ve watched the world pass by;
>> And watched the people moan and cry.
>> Then I thought this is absurd;
>> They haven’t listened to the spiritual word,
>> They‘re looking for the Darkness not the light;
>> It seems to be everywhere not just at night.
>> I said to myself while inside looking;
>> This world is a pot of Wisdom cooking,
>> Cooking up lessons in my daily life;
>> So I can learn to transform misery and strife.
>> Into something, an idea, not really new;
>> Spirit all is spirit, Spirit is all there is;
>> No matter whose form it takes;
>> Be it yours or his or hers.
>> All that I need to do to make it all work;
>> Is to take care of myself and stop being a jerk!
>> If we are created as part of it all;
>> Then its time to stop complaining and make living a ball.
>> I’ll transform life’s lessons through awareness and will;
>> I’ll take time everyday to sit silent and still,
>> I will appreciate my own efforts as no one else can;
>> I will look with love on life’s problems.
>> They prove all that I am.
>> My world will become quickly a wonderful place;
>> And I will bask in the glory of the whole human race.
>> Knowing now in my every cell;
>> It’s all up to me to make life Heaven or Hell!
>> The responsibility for my life, the way I perceive;
>> Is totally controlled by what I believe,
>> I need to examine what others have said;
>> To see how much from them is stuffed in my head.
>> I’ll then have a choice to respond in a new way;
>> To life’s constant challenges that come everyday,
>> These changes I make will then lead me to see;
>> The beautiful things I’m doing for me.
>> I now begin each day with love in my heart;
>> Please believe me when I say, it’s a wonderful start.
>> Now Existence smiles and showers me with love;
>>> As I learn to create a world here, like the one up above.
>>> This isn’t the end,
>>> it’s just the beginning
>>> Warren Stagg

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