Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Finding the value has value, our commitment to our selves before we chose to be born, was to find the value in our choice of life and in all of our perceived reality. Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have value. When we become consciously aware of the value of anything our inner light becomes brighter, we’ve just accomplished our essential purpose, to increase the light equation of this world and add our positive energy, to the transformation we are making, into a 5th dimensional level of function. Negative Judgements and comparison, were all 3 D thinking and now we need to let go of 3 D thinking of any kind and raise our focus to recognizing the true value of our self and all of existence, to this level. “Spirit is one and indivisible, a part can not be where the whole is not, we and everything is therefore, the same in kind and quality as the whole, the degree of any difference is an individual perception.” All Space is here, all Time is Now, All things are spirit, all is divine . It starts in the mirror. Lets leave doubts and fears behind and begin 2016 with Trust and Faith. Here is inspiration from Saul:

As Light holders and Light workers your task remains the same, namely to continue intending to be loving in every moment, and to remake that intent frequently throughout each day. It is enormously effective, and has brought you to this final stage in your awakening process. Do not be disturbed or distracted by those who would attempt to convince you that Love does not work, because Love is the only thing that works! And you, great souls that you are, are demonstrating this daily all across the planet.

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