Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Some of us respond slower or faster than others, we all have our own timing, which is one of the major reasons that comparing ourselves with others is silly..We are all perfectly imperfect, which is a part of our spiritual challenge, to have our chosen imperfections as part of our chosen life plan, to find the value of that as well.Everything has its own value and that’s our unique value to find the value of our self, our life and its opportunities for awareness and it has to start in the mirror. recognizing our uniqueness is the beginning of Self Realization. Being the person we chose to be can be quite a challenge, but that’s what we all chose to do, just as we are, there is nothing to change except out attitude. Once we understand what we are really doing, as a person, everything changes. We love a spiritual challenge and when we realize why we came to earth to play The Game of Life, is when our life really begins consciously. Our job is, to have a good time, in present time, more of the time, get on with it. The choice is and always has been, even No Choice is a choice. 2016 is a Nine year. one to end old limiting ideas and create new and self rewarding ones, because we can.
Here is an inspiration from the Angels, through Ann Albers:
Dear ones you are a gift and blessing upon this earth, and we celebrate you! May you and your families enjoy sweet peace, incredible joy, and the miracles that the human race is so apt to believe in more easily during this season.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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