Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Day six, Existence has been up to more tricks, with free will to contend with and 36,000 years of 3 D indoctrination to transform, it takes something / someone as tricky as Existence to expose our selves to and inspire us to go beyond our limited concepts and increase our conscious awareness of our essential Divine Origin and begin to think and act accordingly. As the Light encourages us and the Violet Flame of St.Germain inspires our Consciousness expands, the World transforms and we wake up and dance to the lure of a 5th dimensional reality. As we shine brighter we become more ‘Self aware and self loving’, therefore more caring and more sharing of our new view of our existence. The path becomes more clear, we will create a wonderful and productive new year, 2016, because we can. Re-member, I AM, therefore I Can, and because I Can, I Will. Here is a bit of inspiration from our alien friends through Anne Albers:
Can you fathom this? You are nothing less than the stars. In your heart is the manger, the birthplace of light into this world. In your heart is the light that is never extinguished. In your very own heart is the love that cannot be erased or eradicated by a chaotic world… for love dear ones, lives eternally within you.

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