Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Day four, lets have some more Please. Until we are healthy and Consciously aware of our true self, we need all pf the Light and Violet Flame energy we can keep absorbing. If it wasn’t for our attachment to our old 3 D thinking and self denial, we would already be in 5 D reality, after all we are only re-membering what we really are and have always been. So actually we are just in the process of waking up to our true self. When we’ve been controlled by 3 D thinking for 36,000 years, even the idea and possibility of being a part of Divinity can be difficult to imagine, but it’s true and eventually we’ll get it. Why wait why not give ourselves a Christmas gift of Divine probability and act accordingly..I AM That I AM, That I AM, That I AM, is what I AM, pretending to be a limited human, is boring in comparison. Here is what St. Germain has to say, through Marlene Swetlishoff,
With all the information that is easily deciphered and readily available on the different stages of the spiritual path for the spiritual seeker, it behooves each individual to develop the ability to discern and know what is right or wrong for them. They can do this by keeping their highest goal in mind and asking their inner guidance for help to be led to the right information for their next step on their spiritual growth path. What is most important is to maintain ones purity of consciousness and keep their spiritual goal on the right path. In this way, one is led to the right material, people or events that is important for their evolutionary progress. Whenever one really needs additional information, their spiritual guidance will let them unexpectedly find it. Walking the spiritual path means finding ones own insights and personal relationship with the divine. This illumination can be the pinnacle of achievement of one’s lifetime rather than going with the flow of chaos. Their reality is experienced with unusual clarity, and a radiance and beauty that was never before suspected.
May the vast arena of the divine creativity in which your life is immersed become ever flooded with more light and compassion for all living things.

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