Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Day thee of our Light infusion and Violet Flame increase. this is a strong infusion of 5 D energy to align our DNA to adjust to the loving energy of a 5 D world. We have a long way to go to become the Consciously Aware, loving people we really are. Letting go of life times of 3 D, limiting, doubting, fearing though forms we were brain washed with, to help us learn how to cope with adversity, may be difficult for some of us to accomplish. The last Spiritual Challenge we have to accomplish before our Ascension to Self Realization.
We’ve come a long way, we’ve worked hard, Now is the big jump, from self denial to Self Realization. The way is clear, the added assistance from..the Galaxy,, from the Universe, keeps coming and it’s up to us to do our part, to let go and let come. the Fourth Law of ‘Allowing’ is important to be aware of, we need to be open to change, within and without. Here is a part of a message through Marlene Swetslhof for inspiration:

Within this NOW, multidimensional light is traveling from the fifth-dimension seeking to share itself with all life. Hence, every being – planetary, galactic, universal – and, yes, even human – is consciously or unconsciously experiencing this light.

Before, we only experienced the fragmentation’s of the third and fourth dimensional light, but now the light is coming into us without that fragmentation into the seven different octaves. A chorus of unconditional love and violet fire accompany this multidimensional light.

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