Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are being influenced by this increasing amount of Cosmic Light that will continue for four more days, This heavy hit of light can increase our level of conscious awareness and inspire us to make more conscious and positive changes in our amount of self love. We need to be nicer to ourselves, take better care of ourselves, stop being our own worst enemy. 3 D thinking is self punishing, self love is 5th dimensional truth,There is nothing wrong with any of us, except the way we think. Now is a wonderful time to take an honest look at any old self limiting habits and make intelligent choices to be more caring, to be nicer to ourselves consciously.and consonantly. The nicer we are to ourselves, the nicer we`will be to everyone. We can end 2015 at a much higher level of self love and this is an important step for all of us to take. God loves those who love themselves.

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