Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A good approach to 2016 is to create an,I don’t do that any
more check list. This will help us to start the new year with a
new incentive of conscious`awareness..2016 is a nine year
a year to end old habits and ,begin a more determined
approach to being in the now, with a 5 D determined attitude.
We aren’t the same person we were, and this isn’t the same
world it was. Everything is being changed and we need to
take advantage of this opportunity to make major changes as
well.The 4th Law is Allowing and we Allow change by making room for the new, by letting go of the past. Let Goand Let Come is a good
approach for 2016, so preparing the way by making choices`the rest of December is an intelligent approach, to self improvement and improrved Self Love..

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