Life Coach, MetaPhysician

How often do you feel you are in the NOW ? How much do you think you’ve changed your self?? This is an important question to ask your self, because our world is in the process of a major change and we need to change as well. Our bodies are being changed, so they can survive in these higher frequencies and our minds, the way we think, needs to change along with everything else.We need to become more consciously aware of the changes that are going on, with in and with out of our self.We need to become an active participant of these changes, we need to choose to go with the flow, to be more consciously involved in these changes. We need to be more loving, more actively involved in our talking about it and sharing our level of comprehension with others. Our ideas may inspire others and their ideas may stimulate us about our way of thinking and we need to share and getfrom others feedback, which can help everyone to evolve. These are exciting times d sharing an help all of us to make necessary changes. Trust and Faith are the ingredients of change.
The TREES Speak
Living here on Earth gives you the opportunity to strive to develop all your talents and learn new skills – this is why you are here. You are not here to do “nothing”, but to learn to do everything. And you have the time to do this…at least you did up until now. Now you only have the time to wake up quickly, and gather your wits about you, and start taking responsibility for changing what you allowed to be created. Start taking part in your community activities and forums and local governments, and start standing up and speaking on behalf of your rights and the rights of other life forms to live in peace and abundance. Start taking responsibility for others. You still can stop all this. It just takes a majority of people to align their consciousness to topple the current regimes of darkness. It just takes all the people to come together in consciousness to break the spell and then it is a matter of allowing and creating positive change.

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