Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Do you realize how much you have changed? How you are more conscious about yourself and what you see? Are`you aware of how differently you are`thinking? I’ll bet it’s a confusing situation at times. We are such creatures`of habit, that we may have changed a lot more than we realize. Our minds are doing their best to avoid change and protect us from.the new`and unknown, even when the new may be the best thing for us, our mind wants to maintain what it already believes`is true. As`a child we had a certain amount of fear of the unknown and our mind’s belief system doesn’t know about past, present and future, all it knows is that it is suppose `to protect us from doubts, fears and`dangers. To a child the unknown is what we learned from others and most of us were taught that it is usually something to fear, “be careful, you never know what might go wrong”. So a lot of us may still be victims to our childhood belief system. We are now in a new age, we need to risk success, take chances, let go and let come. It’s time to have trust and faith, be a ‘Nike, Just Do It!’.

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