Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Blessed Are Those Who Prepare

My way of preparing,for the soon to be here inflect of cosmic Light, and my interest in unification, with it seems to be to just chill out.this feels real good, my eye lids are really heavy, I seem to prefer closed eyes. I also have little or no interest in doing anything, I just want to be quiet and not think. I’m having some difficulty writing this post, I keep having to re do parts that when I read what I’m writing are screwy and need redoing. Some of us will receive this Light increase before the 21st and some of us my get it after the 26th. My usual flow of thought is not doing it’s usual support for, so I won’t push it. We all need to do our best to make ourselves open to this event, in your own way, but I highly suggest you make`a`special effort to be receptive, why not, that’s why we are told about it before hand. WE are`so fortunate to be alive and experiencing these phenomenons and gifts of love from our creator. This is`exciting…….

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