Life Coach, MetaPhysician

First we need to choose to get it and then our purpose is to share it with others. There are a lot of people still wondering what is going on on our planet and what to do, so every time we share what we understand and how we are using this increased energy, to improve our lives, will or may, encourage them, to do so for them selves as`well .Every little bit helps, every person who understands the Game of Life and chooses to play more consciously, adds light to their life and to the transformation of our world, every little bit helps, the more people involved, the more powerful the light of positive change becomes, good for us.First we get it and then we share it. Here is`an excerpt from a`Hilarion channeling by Marlene Swetlishof that supports`what I.m talking about:.
We encourage each of you to cultivate a positive and joyful attitude towards the manifestation of the highest vision for yourselves, your family and community members. Support each other and make the physical connections and contacts, for in doing so, your energy brings upliftment and encouragement to them. Your calm demeanor and positive attitude will help to encourage the same behaviour in those around you. As beacons of Light, you facilitate this experience within those who come in contact with you. This is a part of your reason for being here on Earth and particularly the location where you are stationed at this time.

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