Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I AM Ready To Lighten UP

As`we get closer to the influx of Light, Dec.21st to the 26th we can work on our preparation for receptivity. A simple way to do that is taking a few minutes, several times during the day, to sit quietly, with closed eyes`and visualize ourselves full of the Violet Flame and release any tension we may have, that we may not even realize that we have. Then see ourselves being open to receiving the Light of realization.This can be like taking a tea break, the first part can be like ordering our tea and the second part can be like receiving and drinking our tea. It’s like taking a short Light break, it’s refreshing and preparing us for being receptive of the stronger Light to come..Here is a guidance of how to use thr Violet Flame of healing. As we are dropping density, using the violet flame of transmutation is a miracle worker. Use it several times a day. See it pouring into your physical body and filling it up. Then bring it through the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies separately. Keeping your space energetically clean is essential ~~ not only because you are transmuting and dropping density, but because everyone on the planet is transmuting also.
I’m having computer problems so my posts may be erratic at times.

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