Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Until we love ourselves we are seekers and beggars for love from someone in our outer world. We are expecting that we will find someone who will recognize our value and will fulfill our need for loving acceptance of ourselves as we are , so we can feel valuable, feel worthy, feel loved as we are. What we are all looking for is self acceptance, as is, from ourselves and don’t know it. We are a part of Divine Love and until we identify with our inner reality we are lost in our quest for our love connection, by looking in the wrong direction. What we all want is within us not in someone else. The satisfaction of true love is within all of us waiting for discovery, once found, we can share this love that we are and always have been, with anyone we wish to share it with, without any expectations from them in return.we are all Love seeking for ourselves, we’ve been looking in the wrong direction. Here is some inspiration from a channelling of Natalie Gibson about our love:
Ask yourself, ‘how do I love myself unconditionally?’ Let the answers, guidance or sensations arise in response, allow yourself to be guided on your own personal journey of self-love. If you do not know how to love yourself or do not know how to practice self-love then now is the opportunity to guide yourself from the inner wealth of wisdom and sacred treasure within you. Please know that you are able to guide yourself easily and effortlessly to return to your natural existence of self-love.

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