Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Just think for a moment, when the 3 D thoughts of Doubt and Fear, are no longer a part of the way we think, how different this world will be. We will be using the opposite to Doubt and Fear which is Trust and Faith. Keep this thought a little bit longer, When we view what ever, with Trust and Faith, then the Law of Attraction, Cause and effect, will inspire understandings and creative solutions for us, because we have maintained Trust and Faith in the face if adversity. When we Trust that Existence, God, does not make anything, including ourselves, that doesn’t have positive value, then Trust and Faith, with patience , will be our reward, along with enhanced Conscious Awareness. Change your focus, change your life, how simple and how intelligent. Here isa bit from John Smallman to add a little encouragement to that thought.
God is Love. God is All that exists. Each human, each one of you – and there are no exceptions, “you” refers to every member of the human family – is an inseparable part of God, lacking nothing, and eternally present with God in the divine energy field that is all of creation. Nothing else exists and nothing else is needed because the state of divine perfection that God created is complete in every way – add-ons and “go faster stripes” would be utterly inappropriate, as the illusion has shown you time and time again, as you have played your games of separation. All we need is Trust, Faith and Perseverance.

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