Life Coach, MetaPhysician

There was a list of house rules for those who lived there with Osho Rejneesh Chandra, that is a wonderful guide line for all of us, especially now. ” Never, never, never, never, never, never, never be serious, about anything except your sense of humor.” We are involved with the most incredible change of energy this planet has experienced. We are given hints about what it all means, ideas and inspirations of the value to us, as individuals and to the world we live in, These visions are just visions until they manifest into a reality that we can identify with, actually they are inspirations for us to help manifest their existence, by giving them the power of our combined creativity. As we visualize what we feel and visualize what we think the 5th dimension should be, as a reason-able, peaceful, loving, world, where there is no 3 D thinking, no fear, no doubts, no negative judgments, or comparisons. A place where we live in harmony with any and all differences, seeing them as interesting and educational. A place where we all have developed Self Love and share our love with all other people and of the creatures in our 5th dimensional world. That’s my vision of a 5 D world, whats yours? Here is some inspiration to consider.

Many of you, have forgotten what you love, what is most natural to you, and your life may have become an endless daily grind for survival and security, while attempting to attain, higher levels of your awareness, with a sternness and a complexity, that only leaves you more perplexed while continuing to seek, that which is not here now.

The reason for this is simple, the mind and ego never settles for now~ for what is most natural to you, to come to you, and through you, as in playing. Playing as and in, what naturally brings you joy. The ego bypasses what appears child like, as it forsakes its innocence, as inconsequential.

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