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I was asked if I could show that there is a positive purpose for the increase of violence that is happening all over the world. I have a couple of comments, as the Dark Cabal is being striped of its power and as a last attempt to prove that evil and that negativity is a given in humans, we are experiencing a a bunch of attacks that are an insult to our sensitivity, they are also creating increased togetherness in the vicinity of these insults. People are in agreement a lot more than they were before these incidents, they now have mutual cause, we need to demand intelligent gun control, if they can’t get guns, they can’t shoot people. Disagreements are healthy when they lead to solutions. Doubts and fears are 3 D inspired control methods, in reality the only thing to over come is stupidity, limited awareness of available positive solutions. Where there is a will to make things better, better is created. Our world is changing, we are changing, it’s time to let go of 3 D thinking and become more of what we really are and a self loving, new world creator of a 5th Dimensional, peaceful world where guns etc are no longer an accepted necessity of survival. Here is some inspiration from Hilarion:


from Marlene Swetlishoff
Keep steady in holding your vision of wholeness and perfection for the Earth and all of her inhabitants, calling upon the Violet Flame is having a beneficial effect. We would ask that you extend this practice beyond December 11th for at least another week.

Beloved Ones,

The world at this time is in the throes of ever increasing energies and this is bringing to light many formerly hidden truths that now rise to the surface to be acknowledged, accepted, surrendered and healed. There are many secrets coming out into the light of day which bring with their revelations, a sense of unreality to those who have risen above the impact that this makes on the world at large. This is because those of you reading this message have moved into a different vibration and quite often, you feel as though you are viewing another world entirely when you observe the happenings upon it. Keep steady in holding your vision of wholeness and perfection for the Earth and all of her inhabitants, calling upon the Violet Flame is having a beneficial effect. We would ask that you extend this practice beyond December 11th for at least another week.

If one looks beyond the prevailing news sources, one will find that there are many positive and benevolent happenings occurring across the world. People are inwardly and outwardly feeling their hearts open and their compassion is seen everywhere! Love abounds and it is heart warming and healing when encountered by its recipients. Love is much needed to counteract the systematic chaos that has been taking place. This is where your training begins to pay off as you take what is presented and turn it into the highest outcome that can come of it. Wielding your Light is creating the balance that is needed.

As you work in unison with the greater Light that is available at this juncture, you can move forward much more easily than before. Holding to your desire to see a peaceful, harmonious and loving world will continue to manifest this energy which brings healing to all. There will come a time when those who do not have the greater good of the world and its inhabitants in their hearts will not be able to function in the increased frequencies. This will see all their structures and works collapse and begin their downward descent into decay. All that was in place will have to be readjusted in order to be in compliance with the greater Light and Plan for this planet and its peoples. In the meantime, it is important to stay the course in your efforts and loving activities.

When one individual looks upon the happenings in the world, it is easy to become discouraged. We want you to know that you are not alone during these times, that you are ever surrounded by the Legions of Light and that love will prevail. Be the example of this love in the world in whatever way presents itself. Remain steadfast, strong and true as you remain surely on your path. Always listen to the still and quiet voice within you and follow your heart’s promptings. Put one foot in front of the other and continue in your efforts.

Enjoy the times with your family members, friends and community, it is a time to give thanks for all your blessings, great and small. The attitude of gratitude will take you in the right direction and the universe will respond in kind. Feel the joy, feel the love that expands within you as you go about your daily activities. This helps your world more than you can ever know. The world is blessed because of your presence in it. Be at peace, Beloveds!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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