Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Everyday I’m A New Person

We keep getting these strong hits of cosmic ascension boosts, to crystallize our cellular structure, so we can receive and absorb the increase of frequencies, necessary to raise his planet and ourselves into a 5 D reality. I keep getting feedback from friends, for example, flashes and sometimes periods of bright light, stomach distress, bodily discomfort, emotional ups and downs, confusions, periods of memory loss etc. The people reporting these interesting things that they are experiencing, do so with an attitude of humor and acceptance that their body is being prepared for better things and a Dr.’s assistance isn’t necessary.They have accepted that these experiences are just reactions to the increase of the changing energy we are experiencing/ Here is an excerpt from a channelling from Ithica:
These CRYSTALLINE activations are running through the physical LightBody at high intensity now. The more present, aware and assisting you are, the easier it is. If you are just coming into your LightBody activations, then it is a beyond challenging ride. If you’ve been holding, anchoring and merging light intentionally as it comes through you and walking on NEW Earth for awhile, it’s very easy and just an awareness and honoring process. Purification is HARSH on the carbon-based human body systems, yet every one of us came here to transcend old programs from within. This is a HUGELY INTRICATE PROCESS that is simple when understood and in no way conforms to old limited belief systems. Not ONE THING that you/we THOUGHT WE KNEW applies here.

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