Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We need to understand that learning to be Positive selfish is a spiritual necessity. This has nothing to do with denial or not sharing with others, quite the opposite. We are the the only one who knows what we want and how we want it, and until we get it we are seeking it in the outer world, from someone else. It’s not out there, it’s an inner not an outer reality. What we all are looking for is Self Acceptance, as is and Self Love. this is the Spiritual Challenge for all of us, we need to accept, love and understand ourselves just as we are, so we can then accept others just as they are and share our love with them. The love that we have developed from within, with others. First we need to get it so we have it to share. Until we get it we don’t have it, so we expect that someone out there will have what we want and we play all kinds of games with the outside world, when it is inside,it’s waiting for us to claim it. We are a part of universal love and don’t recognize it and become what we really are, we think someone else will do it for us? Wrong movie. When we accept and love ourselves our life is on the right track, until then we are beggars. So lets get with it and love ourselves, so we have love to share. This is a part of Self Realization.

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