Life Coach, MetaPhysician

December is an 11 month 2015=8 +12=3 =11. We are ending this year with unlimited spiritual assistance, conscious awareness is a constant gift and availability is getting easier and easier. The inner urge io claim our true identity gets stronger and stronger, how can it not? our cellular memories of their original Divinity, is being activated to encourage us to be what we really are, not this limited person we have been pretending to be. Our hearts are our connections to our original truth, our minds are our earthly belief games, our 3 D identification. 3 D is no longer in power, all that is left is our habitual memories. December is a wonderful energy to use to let go of our limited mind stuff and tune in to our heart;s truth. I AM, THAT I AM, THAT I AM. Be brave, risk success, become who you really are, the loving wonderful person you have always been.

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