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I have a request, we are doing a meditation tomorrow Sunday November 29, which is an 11-11 day, so lets send Love, Light and the Support of Successful Acceptance, to all of the Immigrants in this world that are seeking a new home, where they can settle and live in peace and harmony, with out the kind of fear they are escaping from. We are inviting all and any of you, who have the time and caring incentive, to join us from 11:00 am to 12 noon, where ever you are to add your energy to this much needed cause. I would like you to ask as many people as you can to do the same thing,and ask them to spread the word. The more people we can get interested in adding their energy, to this en devour, the stronger and more effective will be the results. Lets see how much positive assistance we can create, on this 11-11 day at 11 am. They need some care and concern, lets see how much we can create. Thank you for your involvement.

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