Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are in the process if waking up, waking up to the realization that we are and always have been a part The Divine Matrix, part of Conscious Awareness, part os what we believe is God and haven’t believed it. Planet Earth is a world of Free Will, Choice and our Spiritual Challenge, when we choose to be a Human participant, is to re-member who and what we really are and where we came from. Once re-remembered, we begin doing what we came here to do, focus our intention on using our inner light, to assist in the transformation of this world into the 5th dimension frequency that is the process of developing. Now is the birth place of 5 D creation and those of us who are Light Workers are the creators. As we wake up and grow in numbers, the frequency of our combined efforts. increases and uplifts the conscious awareness of the Light Workers and our world. We are a work in progress. Those of who do, will ascend and those who aren’t interested will maintain their chosen levels of awareness and will choose to continue their chosen life style in a world of their choosing. That’s how free will works. The Choice is ours, what’s your choice?

Here is a bit more from John Smallman:

God is Love. God is All that exists. Each human, each one of you – and there are no exceptions, “you” refers to every member of the human family – is an inseparable part of God, lacking nothing, and eternally present with God in the divine energy field that is all of creation. Nothing else exists and nothing else is needed because the state of divine perfection that God created is complete in every way – add-ons and “go faster stripes” would be utterly inappropriate, as the illusion has shown you time and time again, as you have played your games of separation.

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