Life Coach, MetaPhysician

If we realized how important our involvement is to the changes this world and us are going through , we would spend more time being consciously in the Now and more focused on feeling good within ourselves and toward others. Expressing love to our self and others is the support that we give to the Cosnic Light that is changing this world and it’s the reason we chose to be alive at this time of our planetary change, we wanted to add our light to the Cosmic Light of our changing world. So in your spare time spend a little more time being alert to what you are doing with your light when you, think, speak, feel and act. We are involved, lets be more consciously involved. Every little bit helps. Remember what John Smallman had to say, it’s up to us.

As Light holders and Light workers your task remains the same, namely to continue intending to be loving in every moment, and to remake that intent frequently throughout each day. It is enormously effective, and has brought you to this final stage in your awakening process. Do not be disturbed or distracted by those who would attempt to convince you that Love does not work, because Love is the only thing that works! And you, great souls that you are, are demonstrating this daily all across the planet.

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