Life Coach, MetaPhysician

t’s important for us to realize why we chose to play, in this life, as a human in this Game of Life on earth, we had a spiritual purpose, to assist the transformation of this world from a 3 D controlled world into a 5 D world of Self Love and Conscious Awareness. This was our motivation and is our Spiritual Responsibility. Through many lives we created a 3 D world of 3 D limitations, doubts, fears, shoulds and should-no’ts, lives of struggles and difficulties, to make us stronger and wiser, so we could come back and create the kind of a world we would prefer to live in. And that’s what we are in the process of doing. We know what we want and what we don’t want from our own personal experiences. Now is our opportunity to do what we were programmed to do, create the world of 5 D energy, we are capable of doing. The energy is changing to inspire us to do our job, Conscious Awareness is increasing to inspire us to do a good job and see clearly, a world of intelligent, peaceful people living in harmony with each other, sharing information and wisdom freely, without judgement or prejudice. A world where Self Love is being developed as a primary response to everyone’s existence, for clarity of vision and appreciation of life. This has always been the fundamental plan of life on this earth, manifesting a world of Conscious Awareness and Love. Are you with it and doing your part? If good for you, if not, then, it’s time to go to work
Here is some inspiration from John Smallman to get us to go to essential work at our job.
As Light holders and Light workers your task remains the same, namely to continue intending to be loving in every moment, and to remake that intent frequently throughout each day. It is enormously effective, and has brought you to this final stage in your awakening process. Do not be disturbed or distracted by those who would attempt to convince you that Love does not work, because Love is the only thing that works! And you, great souls that you are, are demonstrating this daily all across the planet.

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