Life Coach, MetaPhysician

What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it? We all wish to get and be better,to be of more value to ourselves, to improve our life and be an effective addition to the transformation of our world into the world of our dreams. But what are we doing to make certain that we are as involved? How much conscious energy are we using to make that happen? If we are working at it, good for us, could you do a little more, every little bit helps. If you haven’ yet t joined the group of Light Workers that are creating the world of our dreams, by visualizing it the way we want it to be, then please join us and add your New World Desires to the “Creating our New World Society”. After all we created this one we are living in and it’s time to make major changes. We’ve forgotten common sense and that we a part of Universal Love, we’ve forgotten that we are responsible what we do with our energy and that what ever it may be, we are adding our energy to our life creations and this world we are living in. We are the creators, it is up to us to be more response-able. So lets do it now that we know we are involved, lets choose to be the active Lighr Workers we came here to be, the Time is Now. Here is an excerpt from a Hilarion channelling by Marlene Swetisoff to inspire us to get with it.

Maintain your balance and keep the door to the light and to the promising future open. Use your discernment at all times. Remember, if it does not feel right or good, then it is in all likelihood not good, so do not believe everything you hear and give your power away. You control each situation you encounter by what you empower. You are your own savior, no one else can do the inner work but you. It is the time for you to use your light to transform yourself. There is much depth within you that now seeks to express outwardly. The energies are shifting and new levels of being are now being established. You have not lost any ground for all is in a state of flux. Follow your inner guidance and direction with faith and steely determination.

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